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Referendum again! Greek finance minister warned that this is the consequence of the rejection of the proposal

referendum again! Greek finance minister warned that this is the consequence of the rejection of the proposal

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March 09, 2015

[China paint information] Greek finance minister Yanis varoufakis warned on Sunday (March 9) that if euro zone partners rejected Greece's debt and economic growth plan, the country might hold a referendum or early general election

when the new Greek government under Alex tsipras won the general election in January, it promised to renegotiate the aid agreements reached with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and EU partners

last month, the Greek government reached a provisional agreement with creditors. Athens must come up with a specific reform plan before the end of April in exchange for further assistance. A letter on reform commitments sent by the Greek government last week will be discussed at the euro zone finance ministers' meeting in Brussels on Monday

"we will not stay in our seats."

varufakis told the Italian evening post that if the EU finally rejected the Greek plan, "there may be a problem. But according to prime minister tsipras, we will not stay in our seats. We can re-election or hold a referendum."

in a statement released later on Sunday, the Greek Ministry of Finance said that varufakis was responding to a hypothetical question. The topic of any referendum "is obviously about reform and fiscal policy", and will not discuss whether to stay in the eurozone, as implied before the evening post

most Greeks want to stay in the euro zone, but two thirds of the people also support the government's tough stance of renegotiating the aid plan, so the measurement of the valley value close to zero is inaccurate

"political risk"

holding a referendum can give the government an excuse to accept the agreement with creditors. Greece's agreement with its creditors would allow the country to remain in the eurozone, but it could not reach the promise of tsipras. But even the idea of a referendum is politically risky

in 2011, George Papandreou, the then prime minister, proposed a referendum on the aid case. After that, he was forced to abdicate and a coalition government led by former central bankers came to power

the support rate of the tsipras government exceeded 40%. Varufakis said that "the people knew" that the government was fighting against "the powerful group, which claimed to save Greece on the one hand, but overwhelmed the Greek people on the other."

"not negative"

antonis Samaras, former Prime Minister of Greece, said that the referendum would be a "very bad choice" that would make the government not negative

the pan Greek socialist movement (Pan Greek socialist movement), which also opposed the radical left coalition of tsipras, said in the statement that varufakis' statement was "irresponsible, rash and contradictory."

"the referendum is not yet the benchmark situation"

Gabriel sakellaridis, spokesman of the Greek government, said in an interview on Sunday ② According to some experimental jigs, the Greek government does not regard the referendum as the benchmark situation. Even if the referendum is really held, it will not involve brexit

the spokesman said that even if Greece did hold a referendum at that time, the issues involved would not be related to Greece's status as a member of the eurozone, but about approving or opposing the government's policies

Sakellaridis believes that the referendum will be held only when the negotiation with creditors breaks down, but the government believes that this will not happen and that appropriate solutions can be found through negotiation with creditors

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