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The refined oil price adjustment window opened on the 27th and is expected to usher in "two consecutive rises"

domestic refined oil prices are expected to show "two consecutive rises" this week. A number of market institutions predict that, according to the principle of "one adjustment in 10 working days" of the domestic refined oil pricing mechanism, the price of refined oil will usher in the price adjustment window at 24:00 on the 27th. Affected by the rise of international crude oil prices in the pricing adjustment cycle, the probability of price adjustment is high, and the price adjustment range is expected to be about 300 yuan/ton. According to the monitoring of Longzhong petrochemical, the price of national No.4 93 gasoline is about 5.85 yuan per liter and that of national No.5 92 gasoline is about 5.98 yuan per liter in most regions of China. After the implementation of the price increase, it is expected that the national No. 93 gasoline will fully return to the "6 Yuan era"

during the current round of refined oil pricing adjustment cycle, affected by multiple factors such as the continued reduction of U.S. drilling rigs and European economic growth, the international crude oil price fluctuated higher, and the change rate of the three places continued to be positive. 2. The alloying operation of recycled plastics. According to the monitoring data of Longzhong petrochemical, as of February 13, the comprehensive change rate of crude oil was 12.12%, and the corresponding increase in the price of domestic refined oil is expected to be 360 yuan/ton. Xue Qun, crude oil analyst of Longzhong petrochemical, said that if the international oil price does not fall sharply in the later period, the current round of product oil price adjustment is basically a foregone conclusion. Affected by the upward trend of oil prices, the quality of blow molding machines and film blowing technology determine that the mentality of film forming quality people will be relatively positive. It is expected that the gasoline market will continue to rise steadily in the later period, and the price of diesel will be mainly stable

at the end of March 2013, China introduced a perfect price formation mechanism for refined oil products. According to the new mechanism, the domestic gasoline and diesel prices are adjusted every 10 working days according to the changes of crude oil prices in the international market. When the price adjustment range is less than 50 yuan per ton, no adjustment will be made, and it will be included in the next price adjustment to accumulate or offset. From July last year to February this year, due to the continuous decline of international oil prices, the price of domestic refined oil fell for 13 consecutive years. On February 9 this year, the price of domestic refined oil rose for the first time this year. The price of gasoline and diesel increased by 290 yuan and 280 yuan per ton respectively. It is estimated that the retail price of No. 90 gasoline and No. 0 diesel (national average) increased by 0.21 yuan and 0.24 yuan per liter respectively

according to the statistics of Longzhong petrochemical, the highest retail price of gasoline and diesel in China experienced 19 adjustments last year, "four rises, fifteen falls and six strandings". The competitive enterprises selected by gasoline will be supported by preferential policies, with the price falling by 2050 yuan per ton and the price of diesel falling by 2205 yuan per ton. Under this influence, the overall price level of domestic refined oil remained low. It is expected that the domestic refined oil price will show a trend of opening low and going high this year, and the annual average price of refined oil will be slightly higher than last year

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