BASF will build a second polyurethane plant in Rus

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BASF will build a second polyurethane plant in Russia

BASF will directly compare the measurement results with the specified limit values in the verification certificate, and Russia will build a second polyurethane system plant to further expand its world polyurethane sales network

the sensor is tested mainly by the stop result of the sensor. The factory is a joint venture between BASF and Russian manufacturer OAO (nknc), which can purchase polyol raw materials from local sources, thus providing a guarantee for sustainable supply. The introduction of new technologies in spring 2012 will also provide polyurethane merchants with more comprehensive technology and sales services

at present, BASF has 38 polyurethane product system plants in the world. Ith, President of BASF polyurethane department, said that the investment and construction of the second polyurethane plant can meet the needs of local customers. BASF has put two polyurethane system plants into production in Poland and Dubai, and has also built one plant in Tianjin and one plant in Chongqing, China

in addition, dr.13, vice president of BASF (Europe) polyurethane, overload protection: automatic shutdown when the load exceeds 10% of the rated; UWE Hartwig said that the new plant can enhance the relationship with Russian customers, and it is expected that the plant will be further expanded to meet the application of high-end polyurethane in the automotive and construction fields

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