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The price adjustment of refined oil is expected to support fuel oil

although crude oil in New York fell sharply overnight, Shanghai fuel oil opened low and went high yesterday under the expectation of the price increase of refined oil by the national development and Reform Commission. In the afternoon, the growth of plastic demand will continue to be an important driving factor in the global plastic additive market. The main contract 0911 rose 25 yuan/ton or 0.61% to 4116 yuan/ton throughout the day, with a daily fluctuation of more than nearly 110 points, pulling out a long positive line, A total of 24006 positions were increased for each contract throughout the day, and the trading volume was enlarged to 506230

on Tuesday, as the Institute of petroleum inventory data showed an unexpected rise in U.S. crude oil inventories, New York crude oil fell sharply by more than 3% in November to close below $73/ton. First of all, we asked for insulation. Yesterday, Shanghai fuel oil opened nearly 80 points lower in response to overnight external market fluctuations. However, due to the general expectation of the market for the national development and Reform Commission to raise the price of refined oil in the evening or today, the futures price fluctuated upward, and with the cooperation of the peripheral stock markets, it rose sharply after the end of the morning break, and then the narrow volatility remained until the end of the transaction

the expectation of the increase in the price of refined oil has also produced strong support for the spot market, and traders' quotations have increased steadily. Luhuili, an energy analyst at Nanhua futures, pointed out that although diesel prices have been pushed up recently, the industry's gambling mentality still exists, the market transaction atmosphere is strong, and the price is in the trend of continuing to push up

The sharp increase in futures holdings indicates that a large number of speculative funds are involved in the speculation of fuel oil. Chenjiangnan, an energy analyst at China finance futures, believes that the futures price will continue to rise to a high of 4200 yuan/ton in the short term, with clean samples ready

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