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Reflection on domestic printing machines: drupa looks at the gap between the domestic printing machine industry (III)

domestic printing machine enterprises have a long way to go

due to the weak foundation, there are still many gaps between the overall level of the domestic printing machine industry and the world advanced level

1. There is a big gap between automation and intelligence. At the end of the last century, high and new technologies represented by computer technology and information technology were widely used in printing equipment, making the traditional printing equipment completely transformed. The Komori commercial web offset press on display at the drupa exhibition this year, with a speed of 60000 sheets/hour, can complete the printing of 2000 sheets of each of the three editions in 14 minutes and 49 seconds, including various preparation times such as changing the edition, and the number of finished sheets per edition does not exceed 400, because this actually refers to a process sheet. The reason is mainly due to the high degree of automation and intelligence

2. The market share has decreased year by year, and high-end products are still mainly imported. See the table below. From these data, we can see: ① the average import volume in the four years into the 21st century is 1.051 billion US dollars, accounting for about 60% - 65% of the domestic printing equipment market, while the market share of domestic printing equipment is only 35% - 40%. ② From 1999 to 2003, the import of printing equipment increased by 35.5% on average, about three times the domestic growth rate in the same period. ③ Offset press is the main imported equipment. The average import volume of offset press accounted for 47.4% of the total import volume from 2000 to 2003. At present, imported offset printing machines account for about 75% - 80% of the market by value. Accordingly, the market share of domestic offset printing machines is only 20% - 25%

3. Domestic printing machine product structure and enterprise structure are not reasonable. In the former, the production capacity of low-grade products is particularly surplus, and supply exceeds demand; The production capacity of high-end products is seriously insufficient, mainly relying on imports. In the latter, there are many small and comprehensive enterprises, few small, specialized and sophisticated enterprises, and fewer large and strong enterprises or groups with independent intellectual property rights and brands and strong market competitiveness

in view of the above problems, the author believes that:

1 Actively adjust the product structure and enterprise structure. The overall strength of the domestic printing machine industry is weak, and the total output value of printing equipment is not as good as that of a large foreign printing machine manufacturer. If the status quo is not changed, it will be difficult to participate in international competition. Enterprises should be guided and encouraged to integrate and restructure with assets as the link according to the laws and rules of market economy, so as to establish professional, small, refined and strong professional enterprises and large and strong enterprises or groups

2. The attention of product research and development should be gradually shifted from improving speed to improving efficiency. For various reasons, some enterprises often focus on improving the speed of product research and development and product transformation. However, with the development of society, the design concept should focus on people-oriented. Note: akulon and akulonxs are environmentally friendly, adapt to the new situation of short version and more flexible, and comprehensively improve the comprehensive efficiency of products. High efficiency not only includes high speed, but also the stability, reliability, automation and intelligence of the machine. At present, printed matter is developing in the direction of short edition, high quality, personalization and short cycle. Only printing equipment with high comprehensive efficiency will be welcomed

3. Increase investment in scientific research and the application of high and new technology. Weak R & D capability is the fundamental reason why domestic products lag behind in combining UV permeable plastics with fast curing adhesives. Research and development, especially the research and development of technologies with independent intellectual property rights, requires a lot of human, material, financial and time investment. The lack of investment is a common problem in the printing machine industry at present. At present, joint development should be advocated. Common technologies needed by different enterprises can be jointly developed, or a professional enterprise can take the lead to sign contracts with relevant enterprises for joint development. There are various ways of development, which can be combined with production, learning and research; Can produce, study, research, use (user) union; It can also cooperate with relevant foreign enterprises and adopt the internationally commonly used 0EM mode of cooperation

4. Jointly explore the international market. Qualified enterprises should go out as soon as possible, change the focus on the domestic market to both at home and abroad, and gradually integrate into the international market; Those who do not have the conditions for the time being should actively create conditions and jointly explore the international market. As long as we continuously improve the comprehensive efficiency of products and the strategy and level of sales and service, we can expand the share of the domestic market, go abroad and enter the international market

(qifubin, deputy director of the technical committee of China printing and Equipment Industry Association)

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