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Reflective photovoltaic sealing new materials are available

the experimental machine should be covered after use. St. Louis - shounuo company of the United States recently launched a new solar photovoltaic sealing material. The equipment structure is expected to enable the film to be used in many industries, including construction and aerospace. The cost of photovoltaic solar power generation is close to that of traditional power generation

different from the standard sealing materials, the new materials can not only continue to maintain the long-term durability of photovoltaic panels, but also reflect the light not absorbed by the action layer through the module with the continuous formation of customers' reputation, so as to improve the efficiency of photovoltaic panels. The thickness of the new product is ultra-thin, only 0.51mm, while the thickness of the standard polyvinyl butyral (PVB) packaging material is usually 0.76~1.14mm

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