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The price adjustment of refined oil in 2010 was "irregular"

although the international oil price fluctuated like a roller coaster, the retail price of domestic refined oil only experienced two adjustments, one up and one down. In the first eight months of last year, the national development and Reform Commission adjusted the oil price six times. This has caused a discussion upsurge in the industry about "the NDRC's evaluation of the refined oil pricing mechanism". Whether the pricing mechanism needs to be fine tuned, or whether the NDRC's final interpretation power changes, and the market trend of chasing up rather than down makes the refined oil pricing mechanism become the focus again

the pricing mechanism of oil price adjustment in the window period is too vague

the national development and Reform Commission lowered the maximum retail price of refined oil on June 1. So far, the maximum retail price of refined oil has been maintained at zero for nearly three months to make the engine more efficient. "When the national development and Reform Commission lowered the retail price of refined oil twice last year, it was strictly implemented in accordance with the reduction range of international oil prices. I don't know why it is not allowed this year." Chen Qing, an analyst at zhuochuang information, said that the price adjustment predicted by private institutions in 2009 was very accurate, but since 2010, there has been a significant deviation between the prediction of private institutions and the final interpretation power of the national development and Reform Commission. The national development and Reform Commission has repeatedly explained that the pricing mechanism of refined oil products should be fine tuned to prevent market speculation, etc., and the pricing mechanism has gradually become blurred from clarity

in addition, since the promulgation of the new pricing mechanism, there have been many fuzzy terms. For example, according to the new refined oil pricing mechanism, "when the crude oil price in the international market is higher than $80 per barrel, the processing profit margin will be deducted until the refined oil price is calculated according to the processing zero profit". How to calculate the "processing profit margin"? "When the price of gasoline and diesel is higher than 130 dollars per barrel, we should take into account the interests of producers and consumers and adopt appropriate fiscal and tax policies to ensure the production and supply of refined oil. In principle, the price of gasoline and diesel will not be raised or less raised." How to measure the "interests of producers and consumers" here

it is suggested that the pricing mechanism can be adjusted and shortened to 14 days

as an energy expert who once participated in the discussion of the pricing mechanism of the national development and Reform Commission, Lin Boqiang, director of the China energy economy research center of Xiamen University, said yesterday that he Guoliang, who installed the experimental machine, could try to avoid this factor by changing the location of the project leader and the company's employees. It shows that when the international oil price goes up, people will not expect the national development and Reform Commission to adjust the price, When entering the downward channel, the industry will focus on why it does not fall. Moreover, from the previous price adjustments, it is easy to reach the condition of 4%, and it is difficult to meet the condition of 22 days at the same time, because the international oil price is constantly changing, and this change is beyond the controllable scope of the current pricing mechanism, "I suggest shortening the 22 day price adjustment cycle to 14 days, which can not only meet the conditions of frequent changes in international oil prices, but also will not increase the difficulty of price adjustment by the national development and Reform Commission. After all, the national development and Reform Commission has to report every price adjustment, and it is not a single department that can the final say." Lin Boqiang said that after being shortened to 14 days, the frequency of price adjustment will certainly increase. Maybe everyone is more used to regular price adjustment and won't pay much attention

Jincheng discount "shrunk" the three giants have a "tacit understanding"

"shell and Sinopec generally return to 6.40 yuan/liter, and only PetroChina has a small discount of 6.35 yuan/liter." Yesterday morning, after visiting the major gas stations in Jincheng, it was learned that many gas stations have recently made a correction to the preferential range of the retail price of No. 93 gasoline. Most gas stations have risen to the maximum limit set by the national development and Reform Commission only by selecting the appropriate experimental machine to meet the measurement demand

in this regard, the relevant person in charge of PetroChina Tianjin sales branch said that recently, the price of No. 93 gasoline in Tianjin gas station has been relatively stable, and there was rarely a big price war in March. At present, gas stations mostly attract customers with preferential policies of giving gifts with stickers and handling gas card recharge and refund. As the market tends to stabilize, oil price preferential activities will also be adjusted with the company's marketing strategy and return to the pricing of the national development and Reform Commission

some insiders believe that it is likely that the three major oil majors have reached a tacit agreement on price, controlling the price difference within a certain range, which not only stabilizes the market, but also ensures the maximization of the interests of gas stations

"once one of them raises the flag of price reduction in the future, I'm afraid there will be a price war."

the 2010 national development and Reform Commission price adjustment "break the promise" schedule

meet the 22 working days to meet the "4%" price adjustment

4.54% not adjusted on May 14

July 22 -4.10% not adjusted

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