The hottest refined oil market in Changsha has few

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Changsha refined oil market has few resources, and the wait-and-see atmosphere has weakened

the refined oil market in this region has few resources. The market has been boosted by the lack of resources, and the wait-and-see atmosphere has weakened, but the market demand is still not much improved, the market demand is general, the trading electronic universal experimental machine is still flat, the gasoline price of Sinopec is stable, and the diesel price rises slightly, PetroChina everyone knows that the materials here are all genuine. The price of gasoline and diesel oil in the company continues to be stable. At present, the price of Sinopec 90 # gasoline is 5600 yuan/ton, 93 # gasoline is 5750 yuan/ton, 0 # diesel is 5260 yuan/ton, up 23 yuan/ton. The price of PetroChina 90 # gasoline is 5580 yuan/ton, 93 # gasoline is 5700 yuan/ton, 0 # diesel is 5300 yuan/ton. 3. The retail price of hydroxyapatite will be, The price of 0 × diesel is 4.76 yuan/liter, that of 90 × gasoline is 4.52 yuan/liter, that of 93 × gasoline is 4.81 yuan/liter, and that of 97 × gasoline is 5.19 yuan/liter

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