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The plastics industry keeps pace with the times (2)

the petrochemical industry is the key industry to be developed during the Tenth Five Year Plan period in China. It will focus on the policy of "variety, quality, efficiency and substitution of imported products" to improve the proportion of special materials for synthetic resins; Improve the differentiation rate of synthetic fiber; Increase the proportion of styrene butadiene rubber and CIS butadiene rubber in synthetic rubber; Improve the market share of key products and technological transformation for the purpose of developing new products; In terms of thermal insulation materials, shangtiantong is often used in tensile tests to detect thermal insulation materials and adhesives, including ethylene transformation projects and the construction of some joint venture ethylene projects, forming several large petrochemical industrial bases with world advanced levels, with polyolefins as the core and organic raw materials developed synchronously

1. Yangzi Petrochemical Project

in November 2000, the 650000 T/a ethylene reconstruction project with a total investment of 4.48 billion yuan was started. In addition, a world-class petrochemical project with 600000 T/a ethylene as the core, jointly constructed by the company and BASF of Germany, is also under construction. The total investment of the project is about 2.6 billion US dollars, and it is planned to be completed and put into operation in 2004. See Table 3 for the main ethylene projects jointly constructed by Yangzi Petrochemical and BASF. After the completion of the project, Yangzi Petrochemical will become a petrochemical enterprise with large production scale. See Table 4 for the devices of Yangzi Petrochemical in the future

Table 3 production capacity of 10000 t/a

ethylene 60

universal tensile testing machine jointly constructed by Yangzi Petrochemical and BASF Germany how to apply

aromatics extraction 30

low density polyethylene 40

Table 4 production capacity of 10000 t/a

ethylene 125

Plastic raw materials 120

polyester raw materials 160

organic chemical raw materials 100

2. Shanghai Petrochemical Project

Shanghai Secco Petrochemical Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and BP, was established in Shanghai on December 10, 2001. It will build 900000 T/a ethylene and downstream products production plants in Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park, with a total investment of about 22.4 billion yuan. It is planned to be completed and put into operation in 2005. See Table 5 for the main projects of ethylene project of Shanghai Secco Petrochemical Co., Ltd

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