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Shandong plastic industry will be comprehensively adjusted and upgraded

recently, it was learned from relevant departments that in the next three years, Shandong Province will highlight the technical connotation, comprehensively transform and improve the plastic industry by using high-tech, make breakthroughs, give play to comparative advantages, pay close attention to product structure adjustment, promote the optimization of the plastic industry in the province, and upgrade graphene in high-performance energy storage devices

it is understood that in the future, the province will adopt large-scale multi-layer coextrusion biaxial stretching technology and equipment to develop high-grade packaging film materials in technological innovation; Adopt multi-layer coextrusion, multi-layer composite, evaporation silicon oxide and other technology to produce high-grade fresh-keeping packaging film materials; Adopt high-speed, high-precision, CO extrusion composite and other technologies to produce all kinds of profiles and pipes; Adopt large-scale injection gas assisted injection and other technologies to produce large-scale plastic products and Large-scale Electromechanical Product accessories; Adopt new anti-aging, anti fog drop, light conversion, heat preservation and other technologies to produce new composite multifunctional agricultural greenhouse film; Adopt modification, compounding and other technologies to produce various plastic products from waste plastics

in addition, we will focus on supporting the development of rolled wide multifunctional agricultural film and anti-seepage materials of Jinan Sansu group and Shandong plastic products pilot plant, biaxially stretched polyester film of Weifang xinlik plastic company, new agricultural water-saving equipment of Laiwu plastic products General Factory, and new geosynthetics of Tai'an HuaSu building materials company. Restrict the development and phasing out of low-grade plastic pipes, profiles, ordinary mulching films and shed films with high filling, and small-scale products that cannot guarantee the sanitary performance, such as 100 year old modern history models, small batch beverage packaging bottles, and disposable packaging materials that are not conducive to recycling. In terms of new packaging materials, we will vigorously develop new and environment-friendly plastic packaging containers and plastic metal technology testing, including film packaging materials, actively promote non-toxic, tasteless and environmental pollution-free flexographic printing process, and improve the packaging grade and added value

based on Huaguan group, plastic machinery will focus on the development of high-end building materials, packaging materials and engineering plastic products extrusion machinery, agricultural wide film, large-diameter plastic pipe units, profiled materials, wood plastic composite plates, stretched plastic geogrid production lines, waste plastic recycling molding machines and other products

based on Sanjin group, packaging machinery has developed 8 groups and 10 groups of double drop determinant bottle making units with independent intellectual property rights; Further improve the technical level of Anqiu Wenrui Yangfan machinery company's gas free liquid filling line products, and focus on the development of sheet film plastic molding (SMC) process, resin transfer molding (RT) process, filament winding technology and extrusion technology, mainly in Taishan Composite Industrial Park and Dezhou North fiberglass plant, Vigorously develop green FRP thermoplastic composites (FRTP) products and supporting raw materials and technologies, research and develop FRP gas transmission pipelines, idlers, bearings, fishing boats, auto covers, doors and windows, and strive to develop, promote and apply high-performance composites, special ceramics and other materials, and gradually realize industrialization

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