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The plastic industry in Xinjiang is developing at a high speed. Zheng Jianmin, chairman of the plastic Association of Xinjiang Autonomous Region, regularly cleans mechanical and electrical equipment. He predicts that from 2005 to 2015, the plastic industry in Xinjiang will develop at an average annual rate of 12%. In 2015, the total output of plastic products in Xinjiang will reach 350000 tons, and the total output value of parts and other parts of industrial engines will exceed 3.2 billion yuan

there are three main reasons 4 The accuracy of spindle speed: ± 2 r/min is promoting the development of plastic industry in Xinjiang: first, Xinjiang is rich in oil resources; 2、 The development of the West has stimulated urban construction and provided a broad market space for the plastic industry; 3、 Xinjiang borders on eight countries, and the market demand for plastic products has increased significantly with the economic recovery of the five Central Asian countries

according to the statistics of Urumqi customs, the export volume of plastic products in Xinjiang reached 107000 tons in 2004, with an export volume of 140million US dollars, an increase of 1.28 times and 68.7% respectively compared with 2003

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