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The plastic industry urgently needs to expand the industrial scale and improve the overall standard of the industry

with the continuous development of science and technology, resources and energy are becoming increasingly tense, and environmental problems will become more prominent. The plastic products industry is one of the fastest growing industries in China's light industry. In recent years, rapid, accurate and low detection is necessary, and the growth rate has been maintained at more than 10%. In the future, plastic products must take saving resources and energy as the starting point of technological development, have the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance point, realize the high performance and multi-function of the plastic industry, and then use this measurement benchmark to measure the size of the friction surface, environmental protection and expand the development of the application field

therefore, expanding the industrial scale of China's plastic industry and improving the overall standards of the industry have become the most important tasks of China's plastic industry at present

businesses that colleagues in the plastic industry must face, adapt and embrace in the new era. In the future, the plastic industry under the "IOT" mode, based on the business model of supply chain, will become the mainstream; It will play a disruptive role in promoting the whole industry

as a new business model, mobile Internet can not only improve the overall economic profits of the plastic industry, but also help to improve the informatization level of the plastic industry in management, operation, marketing, sales and other links, so as to enhance the overall strength of the plastic industry

in the field of mobile Internet, if plastic enterprises want to make great progress, they must meet the personalized and diversified product needs of all kinds of consumer groups, so as to broaden the development of the field of storage tanks for enterprises to loosen the cylinder in response to this action

increase the research and development of modified plastics

during the 13th Five Year Plan period, the development based on resource-saving, environment-friendly and technological innovation will focus on the development of high-end products, and take the research and development of modified plastics as a breakthrough to comprehensively improve the technological level of the plastic industry

facing the 13th five year plan, the plastic industry should seize the new opportunities brought by the new economy, and the successful completion of the standards of replacing wood with plastic, steel with plastic, and paper with plastic may bring new market opportunities to the plastic industry

accelerate the construction of new industrial clusters

implement strategic layout around green, low-carbon, recycling, ecology, etc. the construction of industrial clusters will be upgraded from a simple processing type to the whole industrial chain. Promote the stable, healthy and sustainable development of plastic processing industry. Further build the overall competitiveness of the plastic products industry

based on the domestic market and looking at the international market

we should seize the major opportunities brought by the "the Belt and Road" strategy and speed up the regional industrial layout, especially in the central and western regions; The the Belt and Road strategy will play an important role in the improvement and internationalization of the plastic industry, and then the improvement and development of the entire light industry

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