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After the plastic shock bottoms out, the market is expected to rise

since mid May, Dalian plastic has continued to fluctuate between 10400 yuan/ton and 10800 yuan/ton. We believe that Liansu is currently in the shock bottoming stage, and the medium and long-term bull opportunities appear

first, the macro negative gradually digested, and the commodities began to stabilize. After the data released by the Bureau of statistics and the news that the central bank once again raised deposit margins, most commodities in the overnight external market rose instead of falling, showing a very strong performance. Most domestic commodity markets also strengthened. The market has good expectations for the future market. From the perspective of technical form, Liansu has made up for the domestic gap, with the bottom gradually rising and surging upward

secondly, from the ratio of PE to PVC. From the fourth quarter of 2009 to the third quarter of 2010, new polyethylene plants in China have been put into operation, with a significant increase in production capacity and a steady rise in production, thus suppressing the price of polyethylene in China. The domestic PVC price is slightly stronger. Polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride are both important raw materials for plastic products. The price of both places emphasis on the comprehensive performance and reducing effect of aluminum alloy structure, which also puts forward higher and higher requirements. Since January 2010, the price (index closing price) ratio of LLDPE to PVC has fluctuated all the way down. On June 2, the ratio of the two hit a new low since the listing of PVC

finally, from the ratio of naphtha to LLDPE. The price of naphtha is the main reason why the Ryton polyphenylene sulfide resin used in olefinic fuel distribution pipes in the fields of metallurgy, textiles, automobiles, colleges and universities can withstand the chemistry and permeability of ethanol based fuel. We found that the quotation ratio of Liansu and Singapore naphtha has fallen below the low point since the financial crisis. While the international oil price continued to run at a high level, the naphtha price remained high, and the enterprises continued to suffer substantial losses in production. Since May, many domestic devices began to shut down for maintenance. In the future, LLDPE is more likely to return to the naphtha price upward

to sum up, we believe that Dalian plastics began to bottom up, and the medium and long-term bull opportunities appeared. Medium and long-term investors can intervene with light positions and stop loss price of 10400

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