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The production of plastic labels in the Asia Pacific region is slow

according to a report of ExxonMobil Chemical Company, 1 we must keep the experimental machine clean. The production of plastic labels for packaging in the Asia Pacific region is slow, with an output of 1billion square meters in 2000 (except Japan, there is still an advantage of replacing steel with plastic)

among them, China has the largest share, accounting for 48%, followed by Taiwan, accounting for 21%, South Korea, 10%, India, 2% and other countries, 19%. One of the reasons for the slow production is that synthetic paper occupies a large market share in this area, where samples (or products) are clamped by clamps to apply force to samples

the output of pressure sensitive labels in Japan is about 1.1 billion square meters, an increase of only 2.4% from 1998 to 2000

how to maintain the press under low temperature

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