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China has reduced the use of plastic shopping bags by 24 billion in three years, according to the national development and Reform Commission on the 26th. Over the past three years since the implementation of the "plastic restriction order", the use of plastic shopping bags in major commodity retail places across the country has been reduced by more than 24 billion, and the cumulative plastic consumption has been reduced by 600000 tons, equivalent to saving 3.6 million tons of oil, equivalent to more than 5 million tons of standard coal, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by more than 10 million tons

according to Li Jing, deputy director of the Department of resource conservation and environmental protection of the development and Reform Commission, 3 the beneficial conditions for China's plastic extruder export are increasing. Over the years, the use of plastic shopping bags in supermarkets and shopping malls has generally decreased by more than 2/3. The national "white pollution" problem has been curbed to a certain extent

she said that through the vigorous clean-up and rectification of relevant departments, 2.15 billion unqualified plastic shopping bags were investigated and dealt with nationwide, and 129 small workshops that illegally produced ultra-thin plastic shopping bags were destroyed. Shopping malls, supermarkets and some market fairs have basically eliminated ultra-thin plastic shopping bags, and the implementation of the "plastic restriction order" has achieved phased results

according to the notice on restricting the production and sale of plastic shopping bags issued by the general office of the State Council in 2007, the production, sale and use of plastic shopping bags with a thickness of less than 0.025 m ABS and good mechanical properties are prohibited nationwide from June 1, 2008; All retail places that will affect the service life of the device, such as supermarkets, shopping malls, market fairs and so on, shall implement the paid use system of plastic shopping bags, and plastic shopping bags shall not be provided free of charge

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