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Experts believe that the decline in 2013 is a "flash", and this number will rebound again

since this data was collected in 2005, 2013 has been the year with the highest recovery. In 2005, it was only 116million pounds (5. There were nearly 13000 tons of production bases and subsidiaries in 70 countries around the world), and in 2013, it increased to about 1.14 billion pounds (520000 tons). This category mainly includes polyethylene packaging film, packaging bag and commercial stretch film. Moorerecyclingassociates was commissioned by ACC plastics branch to write this new report

in recent years, China's strict control over imported wastes should clear up the spring change testing machine itself and its surrounding environment, which has actually played a positive role in helping the American recycling industry. At the 2015 plastics recycling conference held in Dallas, USA recently, the experts participating in the symposium said that the construction of a new mechanism, new system and new system for effective upstream and downstream collaboration has not only eliminated some non conformers in the industry, but also brought opportunities to recycling enterprises

Stevealexander, executive director of the association of post consumer plastic recyclers, said: "the most interesting thing for American plastic recycling enterprises is that the hedge action implemented by China actually urges us to pay more attention to material quality and leave more recycled materials in North America."

according to the Canadian Plastics Industry Association, China's hedge policy has little impact on Canada's plastics recycling industry, because most recycled materials are recycled in North America. In 2013, 310000 tons of waste plastic packaging were recycled in Canada, of which more than 80% (240000 tons) were recycled in Canada and the United States. Therefore, the country's plastic recycling system is based on local rather than export-oriented

this is the result of a recent research on the regeneration of plastic film packaging conducted by the association. The survey mainly includes plastic bottles, hard plastics, plastic bags and plastic films. The main recycling uses include woolen clothes, new bottles, pipes, trays, packaging boxes, balcony panels and garden products

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