What if the hottest engine suddenly fails to start

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What to do if the engine suddenly fails to start

first, check whether the spark plugs and high-voltage wires are affected by moisture due to the rain on the vehicle. If so, dry the affected parts before starting. Or take a more convenient approach: use your hair dryer to blow damp parts directly. You must ask: where can I find the power supply? The answer is very simple. Now there is a special power inverter in the automotive professional market, which can directly turn 12V DC into 220V AC. it is convenient, as long as you want

the drive connecting pulley at the bottom side of the reducer

second, 2. The capacity of newly added lithium copper foil is relatively lagging. Check whether the spark plug is damaged. If it is damaged, just replace it with a new spark plug. However, it is difficult for many novices to disassemble spark plugs. Generally speaking, the mileage of spark plugs in cars is 20000 ~ 30000 km

third, check whether the battery voltage is sufficient. As for voltage, many batteries are very advanced. With observation holes for detection, they can be used normally when they are green. They appear black and need to be supplemented or maintained. When they appear white, the batteries need to be replaced

sometimes, you forget to turn off the lights when parking, and the power may be exhausted after a long time. If so, turn the ignition switch to the on position, shift the car to the second gear, step on the clutch and drag the car. When the car reaches a certain speed, release the clutch and the car will start naturally. This method is applicable to the fault of insufficient power. If there is a problem with the ignition system, this method will not work. It may also have a bad effect on the three-way catalyst. Some cars will damage the timing transmission belt, resulting in serious mechanical failure. The vehicle installed with automatic transmission cannot be started by cart. The greater the driving force generated by connecting materials with jumper cables, connect the battery of another vehicle to start the engine

fourth, for more complex faults, it may be necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of oil, gas, water and electricity

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