What ideas does the hottest Asian Cup provide for

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What ideas does the Asian Cup provide for football lighting

what ideas does the Asian Cup provide for football lighting

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original title: what ideas does the Asian Cup provide for football lighting

in the early morning of January 25, Beijing time, the top 8 Asian Cup continued. The Chinese men's football team challenged the Asian No.1 Iran. After 90 minutes of fierce fighting, the Chinese team lost to the Iranian team and ended the Asian Cup ahead of schedule. The Iranian team was promoted to the top 4

in the first half, the strong oppression of the Iranian team exerted great pressure on the Chinese team. In the 18th minute, the Iranian team took advantage of Feng Xiaoting's error in handling the ball and scored by taremi; The 31st minute, Azmon used Liu Yiming's mistake to score a goal; In full stoppage time, the Iranian team made use of Shek Ke's error to score with a single shot from Ansari Fard. Three defenders and three mistakes were enough to bring Lippi's national football coaching career and the last national football competition of veteran captain Zheng Zhi to cope with this environmental challenge in an "unimaginable" way

for the national football team, there must be a gap with Iran, the first place in Asia. It is not unacceptable to lose, but this way of losing makes the fans unable to let go. Whether it is the ongoing Asian Cup or the CSL that we are familiar with, there are still rough and deep grinding marks on the grinding surface. Almost every game requires live broadcasting technology, which also puts forward higher requirements for football field lighting

1. Football field lighting and competition related requirements

(1) generally, the installation position of football field lighting lamps is not allowed to be directly above the field

(2) there are areas in the football field that do not allow installation of lamps with the support of professional software, mainly for locations where the lighting will adversely affect the main line of sight during the game

(3) the installation position and projection angle of lighting fixtures in football field shall avoid glare to football players

(4) prevent the direct light of the lighting fixtures in the football field from affecting the football players and the auditorium

2 requirements related to lighting and broadcasting

(1) the vertical illumination and its uniformity in the direction of the football field camera shall meet the requirements of shooting and broadcasting

(2) the color temperature of the football field will affect the adjustment of the camera white balance. For the football field at the broadcasting level, t CP> is required; 4000 K (general broadcast) or 5500k (HD broadcast)

(3) the color rendering index will affect the color restoration degree of broadcast and video. For the broadcast level football field, RA>; 80 (general broadcast) or RA>; 90 (HD rebroadcast)

(4) the installation position and projection angle of football field lamps sometimes produce glare to the camera

at present, in the field of football field lighting, many football fields have chosen to cooperate with China Big Dipper

Huaxia Beidou Star lighting fixtures can be started instantly with uniform brightness. They have a color temperature close to natural light, softer light and a super long life of 50000 hours. The lamp body is made of high-quality aviation aluminum profiles, with efficient heat dissipation, low carbon and energy saving. With its unique advantages of no stroboscopic, anti glare, brightness and 144 light distribution curves, it meets the lighting needs of various sports venues and provides the best lighting environment for sports venues

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