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What great changes have taken place in tractors and grain combine harvesters in the past 40 years?

agricultural machinery is an important material guarantee and main force of agricultural production, an important tool to improve production efficiency and reduce farmers' labor intensity, and an important carrier for the transformation of agricultural science and technology. Agricultural mechanization is a process of agricultural production with machines. The degree of agricultural mechanization is a significant symbol of agricultural development. 2018 is the fortieth year since China implemented reform and opening up in 1978. The changes in these four decades include all aspects of our lives, such as economy, culture, education, opening to the outside world, etc. So what changes have taken place in China's agricultural machinery industry in the past 40 years? Tractor and? What changes have taken place in the material combine harvester? Let's have a look

1. Market introduction stage 1978-1986 was the market introduction stage, which coincided with the transition of China's economy from a planned economy to a market economy. In 1978, the output of small four-wheel tractors in China was 440000 units, reaching 780000 units in 1986, with an average annual increase of 12.7%. Dongfanghong small four-wheel tractor is a classic representative of the industrial product structure adjustment in this period

II. Steady development stage the period from 1987 to 2003 was a steady development stage. During this period, the market economic system was gradually improved, forming a diversified industrial structure of state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises, which accumulated experience and created positive conditions for the rapid development of China's tractor industry. During this period, the production and sales of China's tractor industry, including wheeled tractors, crawler tractors and walking tractors, reached 1million units in 1987 and 1996 respectively, and there were a large number of famous manufacturers' platforms at home and abroad

III. rapid development stage 2004-2013 is the rapid development stage. During this period, the central government attached great importance to the work of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" and successively implemented a series of policies, including the issuance of No. 1 central document with the theme of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" for 15 consecutive years, which effectively promoted the rapid development of the towing machine industry. During this period, the production and sales volume of domestic large and medium-sized tractors jumped from 100000 units in 2004 to 370000 units in 2013

IV. adjustment and transformation stage

2014 ~ now is the adjustment and transformation stage. During this period, the tractor industry has entered the new normal development stage, and the main business income has dropped from double-digit growth to single digit growth. At this stage, guided by the upgrading of users' needs, agricultural machinery products told Ivo lansbergen, President of Asia Pacific region of DSM engineering plastics, a high-power, efficient, energy-saving and intelligent party, that the requirements for development were more obvious. The optimization and adjustment of product structure and the bank began to focus on buyers to develop into a trading platform. The development, transformation and upgrading of the industry were in a critical period

development history of grain combine harvester

I. imitation stage

at the early stage of reform and opening up, the foundation of China's harvest machinery industry was very weak. Before 1980, the development of double column tension harvesters in China's joint testing machine factory was mainly based on the imitation of foreign models. The representative models include gt-4.9 traction type combine harvesters, beijing-2, fengshou-3, dongfeng-5 self-propelled combine harvesters, etc. The influential combine harvester manufacturers are Kaifeng combine harvester factory, Jiamusi combine harvester factory, Xinjiang combine harvester factory, and Siping combine harvester factory, which are collectively called the four combine harvester factories

II. Technology introduction since the 1980s, in order to introduce world advanced technology, China has begun to explore the road of joint venture. Under the leadership of relevant state departments, we have actively carried out the introduction of advanced technologies and products. Major introduced projects in this period included the technology of John Deere 1000 series harvester produced by Jiamusi combine harvester plant and Kaifeng combine harvester plant; Siping combine harvester factory imported e512/e514 combine harvester technology from East Germany; Kaifeng combine harvester factory cooperates with krass company of Germany to develop kc070 crawler horizontal axis flow rice combine harvester. This stage is a period of rapid development of combine harvesters in China, which has enlightening significance for the development of equipment manufacturing industry in China

III. the self-propelled tangential axial flow technology appeared in the 1990s. With the rapid economic development and the gradual improvement of the scientific research and production base of China's equipment manufacturing industry. China has made great progress in designing and researching combine harvesters, and gradually has the ability to independently design and develop new products. A number of products with independent intellectual property rights have been created. The most representative classic products are Jiamusi 3060 and Xinjiang No. 2 self-propelled horizontal cutting grain combine harvesters jointly developed by China Academy of agricultural machinery, Jiamusi combine harvester factory and Xinjiang combine harvester factory

at the same time, a number of excellent agricultural machinery enterprises such as Lovol and Jinyi entered the agricultural machinery equipment production industry

IV. comprehensive upgrading of product functions and technologies

after more than ten years of rapid development, by 2013, the grain combine harvester has reached a new height in technology, performance and quality, and has reached the world level in some aspects. The product function and technology have realized the "full" function? Upgrade, represented by the feeding amount, generally from 2kg/s to 5 and 6kg/s; In addition, the operation performance, product quality and intelligent level have been greatly improved

v. full function grain harvester

after 2016, China's harvest machinery industry has become a vibrant and booming industry. Agricultural machinery and equipment began to develop in the direction of high efficiency, intelligence, comfort, convenience, economy and reliability. Manufacturers began to launch high-end full-function grain harvesters, leading the industry into the era of "high efficiency and high yield". The forms of threshing and separation of the harvester are diversified, including horizontal axial flow (feeding amount of 4 ~ 8kg/s), vertical axial flow (feeding amount of 8 ~ 10kg/s) and key type manuscript pursuer

over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China's agricultural machinery industry has achieved leapfrog development, expanding its fields, increasing its efforts and improving its quality, and has made great achievements. In particular, after the development of the "golden decade", the GDP and total profit of China's agricultural machinery industry have increased by more than 20% for many consecutive years, and the output of tractors, combine harvesters and other products ranks first in the world

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