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What are the AI enterprises experiencing in the epidemic

when SARS broke out in 2003, I was still starting a business. In that year, the management only took the basic living expenses and paid back the salary after the balance at the end of the year. This year is even more severe than SARS. For many start-ups, it is a matter of life and death. We must strictly control the cost. We must keep the cash for at least 6 months, preferably 12 months, assuming that there is no income. Based on this, we can calculate the cost. Kneeling also want to live, endure past is spring! On February 2, zhuxiaohu, a famous investor, wrote these words in his circle of friends

Tong Yue, an entrepreneur in the artificial intelligence industry, has some feelings about zhuxiaohu's above circle of friends. His company is experiencing the pain of cash flow. Last year, we looked for financing, and we could be a little tougher when the other side pressed the valuation. Now the company may die. What's the significance of valuation? You have to live first

during the Spring Festival of 2020, a sudden outbreak of COVID-19 disrupted everyone's rhythm and made entrepreneurs Tong Yue face great challenges in the short term

a number of entrepreneurs in the artificial intelligence industry told the economic observer that the impact of the epidemic on the company is not only reflected in the cash flow, but also may be a chain reaction in the whole industrial chain, but the specific extent needs to be seen. If we can survive, in the long run, the artificial intelligence industry will usher in a new round of opportunities

how long can you last

a month. This is Tong Yue's answer to the question how long cash flow can last

this problem is also popular among Tong Yue's peers. Before the outbreak of the epidemic, everyone was still discussing Sino US trade frictions. Suddenly one day, the topic changed. It became that can you last long? Yes. Tong Yue told the economic observer that the enrollment expansion plan after the year has also been suspended

Tong Yue's statement was confirmed by a questionnaire survey conducted by Shenzhen artificial intelligence industry association. In the questionnaire survey on the difficulty of member enterprises to return to work, the cash flow of enterprises is tight. It is suggested to increase the loan intensity or organizational loan amount to enterprises and increase financial support. At the forefront of the enterprise's demands

like Tong Yue's company, Beijing LUSHEN Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "LUSHEN city") originally planned to carry out a new round of enrollment expansion plan after the Spring Festival with a global lithium supply of 235600 tons, 280600 tons and 362200 tons in 2017 (2) and 019 respectively, but the outbreak of the epidemic caught him unprepared. In order to ensure sufficient cash flow in the company's accounts, the enrollment expansion plan can only be suspended without any suspension, and it is unknown when to restart

according to Tong Yue, the company's main sources of funds include operating income, financing income, government support, etc. Due to the delay in the resumption of work of the client enterprise, the project delivery may be delayed. In this case, the project payment collection will be delayed, and the operating income will be affected. In the past, when the company was financing, Tong Yue machine kept getting closer and more worried about the other side's pressure on valuation. But when the company is in urgent need of money, what does it matter to press on valuation? You have to live first

the response time for Tong Yue was too short due to this outbreak. I'm still muddled. I need to communicate with customers one by one to see how they can deal with this situation. A payment that should have been made years ago has not been made. February 10 is the company's pay day. In order to solve the urgent problem, Tong Yue and several other shareholders of the company raised money out of their own pockets

after several days of anxiety, Tong Yue calmed himself down. On February 3, the first day the company resumed online work, Tong Yue organized a mobilization meeting and encouraged each employee after the meeting

after several days of discussion, Tong Yue and several other shareholders jointly implemented the company's self-help plan: talk about loans as quickly as possible, and the larger the amount, the better

the tempo was adjusted to 0.5 times speed

this epidemic adjusted the tempo of Yangbin, chief operating officer of LUSHEN City, from the usual 2.0 times speed to 0.5 times speed. Both from the market dimension and from the internal work promotion dimension of the company, the speed has decreased

in view of this, LUSHEN city has adjusted the focus of its work in 2020: some key work has been done in advance, most of the planned projects have been postponed for two months, and the business objectives have been reduced by 10%-20%

Shenzhen smart farming technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as smart farming) is also slowing down. As an artificial intelligence enterprise for agricultural pest control and orchard weeding, smart farming currently focuses on citrus. Recently, due to the epidemic, farmers' citrus sales have been affected. How to keep fruits and keep them fresh has become the biggest worry of farmers, and these worries have indirectly affected the performance of farmers' knowledge

taking image data collection as an example, farmers need to send employees to take pictures in farmers' Citrus Orchards in Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Guangxi and other places, then mark the pictures, then hand them over to the algorithm team for training, then hand them over to the programmer after training, and finally show them to customers in the form of products. Because of the outbreak of the epidemic, employees cannot travel, and their work will be delayed from the beginning. Shooting oranges is not as simple as imagined. It is not just a person who can shoot oranges. People who understand this need to go. Xieqiufa, CEO of Zhinong, said

the slowing down period has given us more time to think and straighten out many internal affairs, which we have also talked about in these two days' meetings. Yang Bin told the economic observer that the company has implemented the measures of increasing revenue and reducing expenditure in the details in the past few days after the resumption of office

in terms of the company's cost control, LUSHEN City, which suspended the recruitment plan, adopted the method of internal adjustment to transfer the right people to the right posts

hidden opportunities

although affected by the epidemic, delayed resumption of work and other factors may cause challenges to the relevant industrial chain, many respondents admitted that in the medium and long term, compared with catering, consumption and other industries, the opportunities of the artificial intelligence industry will outweigh the risks

take knowledge agriculture as an example. 99% of its customers are C-end users, and these users are mainly rural users. They have low acceptance of the Internet, and it is difficult to promote online services. I think after this time, farmers have realized the convenience of online services, and our promotion will be much smoother in the future. Xieqiufa said

Yangbin and xieqiufa share the same view: from a commercial point of view, the epidemic will promote the increase of orders of technology companies. Our business involves public safety, including face recognition. I think after this, the order volume of our business products will increase

Shenzhen Youdi Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Youdi technology") and Daguan data also agree with the above statement

in a document sent to the company, Youdi technology mentioned that the company's downstream customers are divided into two categories: consumption demand scenarios such as hotels, and scenarios such as office buildings and hospitals. After receiving the demand from hospitals and hotels, the company thought that it could realize contactless distribution through robots, which could reduce the risk of epidemic spread to a certain extent and save the investment in medical human resources. In the medium and long term, the demand for non-contact distribution scenarios increases

what we provide is an intelligent office robot, which can read documents like people, complete daily filling, checking, searching and other work, and provide an unmanned office environment. After the outbreak, we should pay more attention to the unmanned office market. Said chenyunwen, founder of Daguan data


as of February 5, in order to solve the pain of the epidemic of small and medium-sized enterprises, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Beijing, Shandong and other places have successively launched a series of measures to reduce the burden of small and medium-sized enterprises, including delaying the payment of social security, reducing rent, and properly extending loans

in addition, the notice on further strengthening financial support for the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus, jointly issued by the people's Bank of China, the Ministry of finance, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the State Administration of foreign exchange, clearly states that the wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering, logistics and transportation, cultural tourism and other industries greatly affected by the epidemic, as well as the enterprises with development prospects but temporary difficulties affected by the epidemic, especially the small and micro enterprises, shall not blindly withdraw loans Loan interruption and loan pressure

in the survey conducted by Shenzhen artificial intelligence industry association, there are nearly 20 demands and suggestions put forward by enterprises, including tax reduction and exemption, scientific research funding support, interest free loans and subsidies, broadening financing channels, etc

some entrepreneurs in the artificial intelligence industry said that the relevant departments should issue corresponding subsidy policies specifically for the artificial intelligence industry, which are expected to enter the rising channel. For example, for AI enterprises that support the epidemic work, they should provide targeted support for scientific research funds

I see that all regions have also introduced policies to support small, medium and micro enterprises, but to what extent can these measures alleviate the plight of small, medium and micro enterprises affected by the epidemic? It also takes time to implement the detailed rules and supporting measures. A few days ago, I asked the Nanshan government department if there were any specific rules. They said that they had not yet. Tong Yue said

(according to the respondent's request, Tong Yue in the text is a pseudonym)

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