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Usually, the ceiling of the room is also called the ceiling, that is, the decoration of the top of the house. For the decoration of the ceiling, the owner used to pay most attention to the practice of the bathroom ceiling, because in the bathroom, most of them are ceiling

usually, the ceiling of a room is also called the ceiling, that is, the decoration of the top of the house. For the decoration of the ceiling, the owner used to pay most attention to the practice of the bathroom ceiling, because in the bathroom, most of the ceiling plays the role of hiding Yuba, sound insulation, heat preservation and various pipelines, which is more practical. However, for the current home decoration design, as long as the height of the room is appropriate, designers often do some ceiling design in the rest of the room for the sake of the integrity of the decoration effect. When the ceiling decoration is becoming more and more from a practical design link to a means of beautifying the decoration effect, it is favored by the vast majority of owners, but how much do you know about the ceiling? How many are they? What are the material properties? Where does it apply? Every link of home decoration needs to be clear in mind before you can rest assured, and the ceiling is no exception. Today, let's talk about home decoration ceiling! The ceiling is roughly divided into five types: light steel keel gypsum board ceiling, square ceiling, plywood ceiling, painted aluminum gusset board ceiling and painted glass ceiling. 1. Light steel keel gypsum board ceiling material: first, the gypsum board is made of hydrated gypsum with additives and fibers, while the light steel keel is made of galvanized thin steel pressed at one time. Features: gypsum board is light in weight, heat insulation, sound absorption, flame retardant, convenient in processing, and light steel keel is also lighter than traditional wooden keel. Scope of application: at present, light steel keel gypsum board ceiling is often used as partition wall, which is commonly used in kitchen and bathroom ceiling decoration. It is favored because of its easy processing, easy installation and long service life. 2. Material of square ceiling: the main boards are divided into gypsum board, calcium silicate board and mineral wool board. We have already said the material of gypsum board, and now we will mainly talk about the other two. The full name of calcium silicate board is fiber reinforced calcium silicate board. It is a light board made of siliceous materials (diatomite, bentonite, quartz powder, etc.), calcareous materials, reinforced fibers, etc. as the main raw materials, through pulping, blank forming, steam curing, surface sanding and other processes. Mineral wool board is made of mineral wool after high temperature, high pressure and high-speed rotation of slag, removal of impurities and washing. Mineral wool board is mainly composed of mineral wool, adhesives, pulp and perlite. Features: the keel of the square ceiling is divided into exposed bone and concealed bone. The keel is usually made of aluminum. Calcium silicate board is light, high strength, moisture-proof, corrosion-proof and fire-proof. Another notable feature is that it is easy to reprocess, unlike gypsum board, which is easy to be powdered and broken. Mineral wool board also has the similar characteristics of calcium silicate board, but the sound absorption performance is better than gypsum board and calcium silicate board. Scope of application: if there is a study or children practicing piano at home, you can place the ceiling of these two materials in the study or piano room, and the sound insulation effect must be very good. 3. Plywood ceiling material: plywood (also known as plywood) is made by cooking and softening logs, cutting them into large sheets along the rings, and drying, finishing, gluing, blank forming, hot pressing, and sawing. Features: the ceiling made of this material is generally light in weight, high in strength, and has good elasticity and flexibility, which makes this material easier to process. Scope of application: because it retains a good log color, if there are more log style decorations in the decoration, you can try it. Moreover, because of the high elasticity and flexibility, you can easily make many shapes. If you are “ Beauty ” It's very demanding. You can also try it. 4. Paint baking aluminum gusset ceiling material: Aluminum gusset special-shaped materials are mainly divided into strip, square and grid. Features: the strip paint aluminum gusset ceiling is a kind of long aluminum gusset, which is designed to help weaken the feeling of full length. Because it is easy to deform and is not resistant to dirt, this material is not used much in home decoration now. Scope of application: square painted aluminum buckle ceiling and grid shaped painted aluminum buckle ceiling can be tried in loft industrial style decoration, and modern simple style home decoration can also be installed with such ceilings. 5. Painted glass ceiling material: painted glass is directly painted on the glass with pigments, and then formed through high-temperature barbecue. The process is relatively complex. Features: the material of glass is fragile and difficult to clean. Scope of application: it is mostly used on the ceiling of the living room and corridor. Using the effect of light, it shows the beauty of color, and there are many kinds of patterns to choose from. However, this material is only used for local decoration and should not be used in large areas. Finally, I want to say two more words. I hope these edited by Xiaobian can bring you some reference when decorating the ceiling, and make your relatives less confused and more determined in the decoration. 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