Kuba k118 close the smoke, smoke in and smoke out,

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The annual golden nine silver ten is coming again, and the kitchen appliances are also gradually selling in the peak season. As the main product of kitchen appliances, the range hood has become the focus of consumers' attention. How to choose a good range hood? The reporter made a random interview with the kitchen electricity salesperson in the home appliance store

the relevant person in charge of the Kuba range hood sales counter, a rising star, told reporters that people usually don't know much about the work of the range hood. They just rely on some on-site demonstrations to make judgments, which will lead to cognitive biases. The operation process of each range hood is divided into three parts, namely: smoke collection, smoke entry, smoke exhaust. If you want to really achieve perfection in these simple six words It is not easy to make the kitchen clean and quiet. It is reported that the k118 automatic opening range hood launched by Kuba electric appliance is the front-end product in the industry at present. It really realizes the second smoke absorption, the effective displacement increases by 22%, and the noise is as low as 51 dB, effectively solving the problem of oil smoke in Chinese kitchens

in the interview, the reporter learned that Kuba's newly launched k118 range hood has a unique 135mm deep black crystal tempered glass smoke screen with a buffered design, which can firmly lock the rising oil smoke, generate a large area of gas negative pressure zone, quickly gather the rising oil smoke, ensure that the oil smoke is completely sucked after buffering, and prevent smoke escape and choking. Compared with the most common 120mm deep smoke screen design in the market, the smoke collection ability is better. The large suction thousand leaf wind wheel realizes three-dimensional air intake and closes the smoke without dead corners; Completely eliminate the escape of oil smoke from the front and the left and right sides, and there is no need to worry about choking when cooking. With efficient smoke collection, if the lampblack cannot be inhaled quickly, the lampblack will still flow back. The k118 lampblack extractor of Kuba has a unique 800mm × 125mm "wide range" air inlet design can ensure the maximum amount of oil smoke of 20m3/min to pass; With the design of deep smoke collecting chamber, the oil smoke can be directly and quickly inhaled even when the amount of oil smoke is maximum, and the oil smoke does not rotate or stay

the last step is smoke exhaust. Kuba's latest k118 range hood internal pressurization technology allows the range hood to be pressurized instantly in the channel, increasing the speed by 35%, and the effective displacement of the range hood is greatly increased. In addition, the "spiral smooth suction duct" is designed in strict accordance with the smooth logarithmic curve, which effectively ensures the aerodynamic force, reduces the resistance and displacement loss, and makes the smoke exhaust smoother and the suction stronger




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