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Only those who have experienced the ups and downs of decoration can truly experience it. Lao Mi's house is also going to be decorated. Others told him that it was hard to decorate, but he didn't believe it. He thought it was just buying building materials and furniture. What's the hardship and difficulty. But before the decoration began, Lao Mi taught a lesson and fell into a dilemma in finding a decoration company. This made him understand that the decoration was really hard

muddleheaded paid the deposit

Lao Mi began to take the contact book to find out if there were any acquaintances in the decoration industry three months before he received the house. As a result, I broke the connection and found one thing. From his ancestors to his birth, to his age, Lao Mi had basically no acquaintances with this industry. So I expect to find a decoration team with good online reputation in the jar. I also want to find a famous brand decoration company. But because there is so much rice in my pocket, if I look for these good decoration companies, I can basically sleep on the sleep on the floor in vain after loading, so for a common goal &mdash& mdash; Save money, save money, save money again. Install it, install it, and then install it. I still didn't choose these famous brand decoration companies

one day, my old man received a call, and a decoration company called DT came to talk with us (how do they know our contact information? Later, they learned that our property had long regarded our information as a cash cow and sold it to many decoration companies and real estate companies). Later, I went to talk about the result, because it was really inexperienced, and the manager was really sincere, and the first five sets of orders can have a 9.20% discount. The manager said that they basically did not make money with a 9.20% discount. After hearing this, my head began to fever, and I immediately gave a deposit of 500 yuan, Then they began to let others start designing (PS: our house type map is also available to others, and even went to the field to investigate. Our property, ah, has sold everything that can be sold)

the decoration company showed its true face after receiving the money

a week later, someone called us and told us that the design was ready, the construction drawings were ready, and the quotation sheet was also available. We went to have a look. We thought there would be a renderings. At least there should be a renderings of the living room. The manager said that your amount did not reach the renderings. I'll ask you if you don't know what we're going to look like. How can you make all the construction drawings? The manager said, your house is very small, and there is nothing to design at all. Then my old man and I said to go back and have a look first, and figure out the sequence of the renderings and construction drawings first

finally, I still listen to others. If there is no effect drawing, I will produce the construction drawing. In case the construction effect does not meet your requirements, the construction drawing is equivalent to white painting. As soon as I heard that it was reasonable, and because the first five sets could have a discount of 9.20%, I had to install them according to his style. What I said was that the whole set was pure white, and all of them were made white, which was not the style I wanted at all. Then resolutely gave up the decoration company (PS: there is no deposit of 500 yuan, because it is a fixed word rather than a fixed word, in a legal sense, we can't get a dime). Later, the old man's colleagues introduced the house that had been installed for them, and then we used the decoration team with dubious confidence

it's not so easy to buy and sell the building materials industry

since it's the decoration team, I don't expect them to help me design, so now it's up to us. After arduous participation in the group purchase meeting (although we know that the things in the group purchase meeting are not cheap, but we still think that they can be cheaper than the hypermarket), we signed a lot of purchase orders (these orders are almost 100 yuan for each, and then the store will promise to give us a discount at the group purchase price). But still because of inexperience, I didn't pay attention to the location of the store when signing the list, so some stores are in Bao'an, some in Luohu, and some in Futian &hellip& hellip; Several districts in Shenzhen are almost finished. For me, a poor people, relying on the bus, the 11th, the electronic map, and a mouth under my nose, I walked more than n places and ran a circle around the soles of my feet

through this matter, I also learned a lesson. Anyway, the new home decoration project is finally about to start. I hope all the bad luck has been dealt with before, and then it will be smooth

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