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China's door and window manufacturers are simply affected. The crisis of each factory, the change of natural conditions, the change of capital, the disturbance of international shopping malls, and the change of an external environment or internal conditions will lead to the crisis of manufacturers' death. Why are China's door and window manufacturers so weak? Why can't Chinese door and window manufacturers go far

in a rapidly changing and unpredictable environment, China's door and window manufacturers have faced unprecedented challenges: the question of exchange rate, the continuous characterization of international shopping malls, the fluctuation of raw materials, the changes of domestic needs, the handling of labor and personnel, and so on. This series of factors are further affecting the development of manufacturers. Manufacturers need to face too many questions. If manufacturers need to continue to survive, they must answer the question of why to live. This level is the manufacturer's strategy

successful manufacturers are all because they have creatively opened up new business areas. Wal Mart's business model allows products to "always be sold at the lowest quotation"; Alibaba's (market, information, discussion) is "let the world have no difficult business". The miracles of these manufacturers are derived from the performance of innovation ability, and the transformation of innovation results depends on the clear strategic logic of the manufacturers. What our door and window manufacturers lack is precisely the strategic logic. Most of the efforts made by Chinese door and window manufacturers are management efforts rather than strategic efforts. What these manufacturers pursue is to deal with questions. For a door and window manufacturer, dealing with questions should be the second place. The first place should be to choose what to do and what not to do, that is, to answer strategic questions, first return to the strategic thinking method, and then implement the management concept to deal with questions. Therefore, the fundamental question why Chinese door and window manufacturers are not far away is still the strategic question of manufacturers

using strategic thinking rather than management ideas

strategy itself means making difficult choices and choosing those beneficial jobs; And handling is the work that you don't have to choose. It is related to the handling method of all kinds of affairs. Strategic thinking is such a way of thinking. It needs to recognize what is the most important, and recognize that the ultimately selected direction can answer the policy determined at the beginning. Therefore, the key question answered by strategic thinking is: what are you going to do? Therefore, strategic thinking is not to deal with the current questions of the manufacturer, but to deal with the selection questions brought by the manufacturer's policy

in terms of strategic thinking, the management concept reflects another point of view: manufacturers need to find solutions when they encounter questions; Handling all kinds of questions during the operation of the manufacturer constitutes handling. There is no right or wrong handling. As long as you face questions, handle them. Therefore, no matter what questions you encounter, you have to deal with them in the direction of handling. However, many people believe that dealing with questions is a strategic choice, which is wrong. Strategic thinking will enable manufacturers to care about the basis for the survival of manufacturers. Talented people can more clearly define the origin of earnings and what they can and cannot do

clearly choose what not to do

the strategy needs to be rooted in the environment to choose and judge, and the strategy needs to ensure that manufacturers can adapt to the trend of the environment. Manufacturers and the environment are the main bodies of each other. If manufacturers can't adapt to the changes of the environment and interact with the environment, manufacturers can't be competitive. IBM has experienced three generations of leaders from old Watson to little Watson and then to Gerstner. Together, IBM has also experienced the era of minicomputers, mainframes and the Internet. Every time, it is a deep understanding of environmental changes, and IBM has always maintained the leading position of blue giant

therefore, Chinese manufacturers should not rush to deal with questions, but should first answer what the manufacturers are going to do. The rapid development of China's economy and Chinese manufacturers in the past 30 years has covered up the lack of strategic ability of Chinese manufacturers, which is the most crucial question. When our increase may come from the infinite needs of the mall itself, Chinese manufacturers should not rush to pursue the international top 500, nor should they rush to start the dream journey of value manufacturers; Don't think that with a sales volume of 200billion, it is one of the international giants. After all, many Chinese manufacturers have not done much strategically

Wal Mart's global supply chain effect, Microsoft's ability to complete customer value, and P & G's deep understanding of consumers all indicate that it is not simply a question of low price or innovation, but has a solid strategic foundation

sharing the value chain is the strategic starting point

taking sharing the value chain as the starting point of today's strategy is to conclude that all members of the whole value chain can show broader overall value. Due to the definition of commodity value, the differential promotion of direct use of commodities, and the possibility of sharing value all come from the grasp of value by all members, and from the understanding of end customer value by members of the value chain

the competition to win the future has three characteristics, which determine that today's strategy needs to take the sharing of the value chain as the starting point. The first feature is that few companies can have all the skills and capital exclusively; The second feature is that manufacturers must be able to provide solutions according to the network supply; The third feature is that the constant characterization of the information age can be dealt with through the complementary advantages of the members of the value chain




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