A group of brothers, a heartbeat

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In the twinkling of an eye, by the end of April, in order to enrich the lives of employees, further cultivate their team cohesion, and stimulate their execution and potential. Roland style doors and windows launched outdoor expansion activities on April 30, 2018. How does our team carry out a day that is both fulfilling and passionate

the team collaboration competition tested the communication and trust between teammates, and the full support and dedication to the team leader

the expansion training is carried out in the form of team competition, and the students are divided into 8 teams. The members of each team are not from the same department, and they may not have too much contact in their previous work, but in this new team, everyone can give full play to their intelligence and teamwork spirit and strive to complete the activity challenge

camp breaking

at the beginning, the coach organized our ice breaking team building. Team formation is an essential link. Then we elected the team leaders of each team. Under the leadership of the team leaders, the next ice breaking was carried out in an orderly manner

advance at top speed

this round tests the reasonable division of labor of the team and the full use of time. Therefore, in this link, the reasonable division of labor is the basis for completing the work efficiently. Of course, the team that loses must have a small punishment

go together in the same boat

this link requires the team members to step in a balanced and consistent way, and the team with the shortest time within the rules will win. Through this link, the team members feel that the power of the team to gather together is infinite. It is also confirmed " to pull together in times of trouble "In a word.

the Pearl travels thousands of miles

in the trial and error, we cooperate with each other in placing the position of the water pipe beside us. With the mutual encouragement of the left and right sides, we unite as one, start together and face the end together. The team's sense of cooperation has been further improved, and finally the project has been successfully completed.

a glimmer of vitality

this is the highlight of our expansion activities. Before the link begins, The team jointly elected two team leaders. They are not afraid of difficulties, take up heavy responsibilities and are organized, Command the team in a way - all the staff can land safely in the sky without touching the "1.3m lifeline".

failure after failure, punishment after punishment, persistence after persistence, in exchange for the final victory, thank the captain for his tenacity and the trust of the team. All the members of our Roland style doors and windows are the best.

some people say, "a team is a group of people." This is not a team. A team is a group of people who strive for a common goal. A successful enterprise has a secret behind it, that is, a strong team. In modern society, it no longer depends on individuals to fight alone, but on resource integration to fight the world together

life is full of classes and beautiful situations. I hope Roland style doors and windows will bring you unforgettable memories and eternal experience marks. Finally, I firmly believe that through this training, we will achieve better results in our future work and life




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