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Home is a place for people to rest. Of course, the more comfortable the better. Compared with other background walls, the decoration of soft bag background wall has its own unique advantages. The emergence of soft bag well reflects that home decoration has no limit on the pursuit of comfort

home is a place for people to rest. Of course, the more comfortable the better. Compared with other background walls, upholstery has its own unique advantages in the decoration of upholstery background wall. The emergence of this kind of background wall well reflects that home decoration has no limit on the pursuit of comfort. Now let's learn about the background wall of liangshangjia soft bag and the method of creating the background wall of soft bag

part1: soft and comfortable soft bag background wall improves the grade of home

with the maturity of technology, soft bag background wall gradually enters home decoration from hotels, cinemas, KTVs and other places. Now let's take you into the world of soft bag background wall

I. soft package background wall vs hard package background wall

soft package background wall: refers to a wall decoration method packed with flexible materials on the surface of indoor walls. Home decoration is often used in bedside, sofa, TV background and other places to enhance home taste

hard wrapped background wall: directly make the wood board or high-density fiberboard of the base into the required shape, and then make the veneer. As the name suggests, the surface of hard background wall is not as soft as soft bag, which is more widely used in home decoration

II. Advantages of soft bag background wall

compared with other background walls, soft materials and soft colors can soften the overall space atmosphere. The soft and comfortable soft bag bedside is the best partner for reading before going to bed, with full comfort. Its three-dimensional sense can also improve the level of space. In addition to beautifying the space, the soft bag also has the functions of sound absorption, sound insulation, anti-collision, shock resistance, etc. Let's take a look at the detailed advantages of the soft bag background wall listed in the table below

III. disadvantages of soft package background wall

soft package TV background wall has many advantages, but it also has some disadvantages in application and promotion. The main reason is that the upholstery has high requirements for decoration style and furniture. In addition, most soft packaging materials are flammable and have poor fire resistance. In view of this situation, liangshangjia soft bag adopts high-quality flame-retardant fabric and high-quality flame-retardant sponge, which can completely solve the problem of flammability

part2: choose the decoration materials for the soft bag background wall

the materials that can be used for the decoration of the soft bag background wall mainly include plates, fabrics, fillers, surface ornaments, etc. different materials have different functional characteristics, so you need to choose carefully when choosing. Now let's take a look at what we should pay attention to when purchasing soft bag background wall materials

first, pay attention to the dirt resistance of soft bag materials

soft bags generally cannot be cleaned, so we must choose professional soft bag materials with good dirt resistance and dust resistance

second, pay attention to the fire resistance of upholstery materials

the flame retardant performance of upholstery fabrics and fillers needs to be strictly controlled. Those who fail to meet the fire protection requirements must not be used, and choosing liangshangjia upholstery will relieve you of these concerns

third, choose the upholstery materials according to the decoration style

the choice of upholstery materials should be based on the style, so as to create the required environmental atmosphere. In addition, it should be matched with curtains, sofas, beds, etc

IV. selection of patterns of upholstery materials

the selected upholstery materials can have certain patterns and textures. For example, if the room is small, you can choose the soft bag fabric with small patterns to make the patterns change in light and shade due to distance, so as to enrich the indoor expression. Liangshangjia soft bag provides nearly 1000 different lines and patterns for you to choose, so as to better meet the requirements of more different levels and supporting schemes

v. selection of color of soft bag materials

when selecting the color of soft bag, we should consider the characteristics that color will affect people's psychology and physiology. If the restaurant needs to create a pleasant dining atmosphere, you can choose yellow, red and other materials; The use of blue, cyan and green materials in bedrooms and other rooms can turn people's mental tension into a relaxed state

part3: construction process of upholstered background wall for decoration support

with people's pursuit of home comfort, more and more families choose to decorate upholstered background wall. So how is the soft bag background wall built? Let's take a look at the key points of upholstered background wall decoration construction

for the construction of soft background wall, different types have different construction methods. However, the basic construction steps are similar. Let's take a look at how to construct the soft package background wall

I. General construction points of soft bag background wall

determine the specific method

requirements of design drawings, and determine the specific method of soft bag wall. There are two general methods: one is the direct paving method, which is relatively simple to operate, but has high requirements for the flatness of the base or bottom plate; The second is the prefabrication paving inlay method, which has certain difficulty. It requires that it must be horizontal and vertical, not skewed, and the size must be accurate. After the specific method is determined, the material consumption calculation and the bottom village and fabric cutting shall be carried out according to the design requirements

and liangshangjia soft bag adopts a new installation method - Velcro pasting method. This scheme is easy to install, uses fewer tools, and is more likely to be loaded and unloaded repeatedly. There is no need to use glue or straight air nails for construction, making the construction operation faster and more convenient

if the construction arrangement of the upholstered wall is later, the repair of the upholstered wall is relatively simple. If the construction is carried out earlier, due to the addition of finished protective film, the workload of finishing is large. At this time, it is necessary to do a good job in dust removal, nailing and sticking the nail holes of the protective film, and dealing with glue marks

part4: there is a way to clean and maintain the soft bag background wall for a long time.

due to the lack of relevant knowledge, many people have some misunderstandings in the cleaning and maintenance of soft bags, and often use the wrong methods, resulting in the soft bag background wall becoming dim and dull and the service life is shortened. Now let's take a look at how to properly clean and maintain the soft bag background wall to maintain long-term renovation

1. Finished product protection of soft bag background wall

after the construction of soft bag background wall is completed, pay attention to the timely cleaning of the room to avoid pollution and damage; Do not make holes in the finished upholstered wall decoration room. If it is purely a design change, corresponding reliable and effective measures should also be taken; During the secondary repair of oil and slurry and the cleaning and waxing of ground grindstones, pay attention to protect the finished products to prevent pollution, collision and damage

2. Dust removal method of soft bag background wall

dust removal misunderstanding: many people believe that soft bags of fabric fabrics can effectively remove dust by tapping. In fact, the soft bag cannot be patted, which will deform the material inside the soft bag and the fabric of the soft bag, thus affecting the appearance of the soft bag and reducing the service life of the soft bag

correct dust removal: daily surface dust and debris can be treated with a vacuum cleaner or wiped with a clean towel

3. Stain removal method of soft bag background wall

stain removal misunderstanding: in fact, leather fabrics often use wet cloth to remove stains, which will damage the surface of the fabric and make the fabric lose its original luster

correct stain removal: stains on the surface of the soft bag should be removed in time. Generally, brush the stains with diluted detergent first, and then wipe off the foam with a clean cloth

4. Disinfection method of soft bag background wall

disinfection misunderstanding: you cannot disinfect with high temperature or ultraviolet light, because this will do great harm to soft bag fabric. The change of temperature will affect the color of the fabric, cause fading and discoloration, and harden and deform the fabric, thus affecting the appearance of the soft bag

correct disinfection: when disinfecting the soft bag, wipe it directly with a clean towel dipped in diluted disinfectant

5. Daily fire prevention is required for the soft bag background wall

iodine tungsten lamps or other high-temperature lighting devices should be avoided near the soft bag background wall, and open flames should not be used to avoid damage. It is suggested to ask professional personnel to repair if there are tears or holes




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