Customized renderings of classic children's study

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As the saying goes: the family is the child's first school, and parents are the child's first teachers. From the day we were born, parents have become the most important teachers in our life. As the saying goes: family is the first school for children, and parents are the first teachers for children. From the day we were born, parents have become the most important teachers in our life, the first and deepest influence on children, and also the earliest and most imitated objects of children. For the education of children, parents do their best to provide all the best learning conditions. All these reveal that it is not easy to be a parent. Just as Deville mall strives to provide every child with a delicate and comfortable study, like parents guarding their children, it gives children the best and most comprehensive care, helps children learn better, and makes parents more worry free and reassured

first, the humanized arc cabinet design protects the healthy growth of children

children are lively and naive by nature, and it is inevitable that they love to walk and play. But if there is a close and safe study furniture to escort him, no matter how much he likes to walk around, his parents don't have to worry about it ~ ~ to be a qualified "tiger mother and cat father", start from paying attention to every detail

II. Desk cabinet + tatami makes it more convenient for children to learn and rest.

desk cabinet + tatami combined design saves more space, and 1 ㎡ is used as 2 ㎡. The integrated design of desk and cabinet makes it easier for children to get books and learning materials. The books on the wall make children feel the edification of literature since childhood

tatami with lifting platform can be used as learning area and entertainment area. When children are tired of learning, they can lie on the tatami bed to rest or play chess on the lifting platform to relax. Only the combination of work and rest, learning efficiency will be higher

III. retractable desk, creating a double study for parents and children

the desk extending along the bookcase provides parents with a good opportunity to accompany their children in reading and learning. Parents can learn and grow together with their children, so they can have a better understanding of their children's learning situation

it is the wish of every parent to hope that his son will become a dragon and his daughter will become a Phoenix. Therefore, for parents and "teachers", children's success in learning is a good gift to thank them. Deville hopes to allow the children a comfortable and intimate study and help them achieve excellent academic results

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