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Optical fiber lighting is widely used. Due to bright and soft colors, optical fiber lighting is a novel lighting technology. With photoelectric separation, energy conservation, environmental protection and long service life, it is widely used in various types of billboards, indoor and outdoor decoration, Waterscape, family, garden and road lighting

optical fiber is the main body of optical fiber lighting system. The function of optical fiber is to transmit or transmit light to a predetermined place. Optical fibers can be divided into end emitting and bulk emitting. The former is that after the beam reaches the end point, it is illuminated by the tail lamp, while the latter itself is the illuminant, forming a flexible light column. The fiber-optic lamp is mainly used in hotels, bars, KTVs, cafes, disco, cultural relics protection lighting, waterscape safety lighting and other high-end entertainment and leisure venues. Next, I will introduce the installation of optical fiber lighting and the characteristics of optical fiber lighting

installation of optical fiber lighting

1. Installation of luminaries. Generally, luminaries should be placed in places that are easy to maintain and operate. Indoor luminaries can be directly installed on special supports or placed in distribution boxes. The outdoor light-emitting device can be directly installed on the special support or placed in the rain proof box. During installation, a reliable power plug-in board should be matched according to the actual situation

2. In the installation of optical fiber, the bending of optical fiber is usually minimized and straight is required to prevent the loss of bending time. In case of bending, the radius of the bending part shall be greater than or equal to twelve times the diameter. Waterproof treatment shall be done when entering and leaving the building surface. The wired optical fiber is generally laid on the surface of the building and the surface of the billboard, which can be fixed with nails. When bending occurs, the radius should be greater than or equal to 20 times the diameter

3. The connection between the light-emitting optical fiber and the terminal, and the terminal interface should not be dirty, so that the light source can pass through the optical fiber smoothly. The incision should be straight, and dust prevention measures should be taken during the connection process. Generally, a special connection kit is used to connect with the terminal

characteristics of optical fiber lighting

1. A single light source can have multiple luminous points with the same luminous characteristics

2. The light source is easy to replace and repair

3. The illuminator can be placed in a position that is difficult for non professionals to touch, so it is anti-destructive

4. No ultraviolet and infrared light, which can reduce the damage to some items such as cultural relics and textiles

5. The luminous point is miniaturized, light in weight, easy to replace and install. It can be made into a very small size and placed in glassware or other small objects to emit light to form a special decorative lighting effect

6. It has no electromagnetic interference and can be used in special places with electromagnetic shielding requirements, such as nuclear magnetic resonance room and radar control room

7. There is no electric spark and no danger of electric shock. It can be used in special places with fire, explosive hazards or damp and water, such as chemical, oil, natural gas platforms, fountain pools, swimming pools, etc

8. Light color can be changed automatically

9. It can be reused to save investment

10. It is soft, easy to fold, not fragile, and easy to be processed into various patterns. The heating of the system is lower than that of the general lighting system, which can reduce the power consumption of the air conditioning system

optical fiber lighting application places

1, video conference tabletop lighting

2, effect lighting in places with high top, difficult to maintain or unable to bear weight

3, guiding lighting in outdoor public areas of buildings

4, outdoor fountain underwater lighting

5, building outline lighting and facade lighting

6, local lighting of buildings and cultural relics

7, light box Billboard lighting

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