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Introduction to the key points of the work of the China Printing Industry Association in 2013

2013 is a key year for the 12th Five Year Plan to connect the past and the future. In the new but practical year, the China printing and Equipment Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the China Printing Industry Association) mainly has the following aspects of work

first, the key work of industry-oriented services, with a total of ten contents:

1 Carry out research on the development strategy of China's printing industry, that is, the industry development roadmap. Due to the impact of the current financial crisis and the European debt crisis, most printing and printing machine manufacturing enterprises are in a situation of overcapacity and market shrinkage. At the same time, the emergence of new products, new technologies and new service fields has impacted the traditional market, causing some industry factories to close down or face difficulties. Under this situation, The industry has some confusion about how to develop in the future, mainly including five points: ① in which fields will the printing industry develop in the future; ② How traditional markets and emerging markets will change; ③ Whether the offset press will be replaced and how the offset press technology will develop in the next step; ④ The development trend and market performance of digital printing and digital printing; ⑤ In order to solve the above problems, the association will organize industry forces to carry out strategic research on the development of the industry

2. Do a good job in the research of industrial structure adjustment, transformation and upgrading. As the environment is not optimistic in the medium term, China's economy is now facing major phased changes after 30 years of rapid development. 3. The fluctuation of working voltage of 380V switching power supply (be sure to protect the grounding) cannot exceed 10% discount. The downward pressure of economic development is large, which is not a short-term problem. Under this situation, China's printing and manufacturing enterprises are facing a severe situation. Therefore, the top priority is to do a good job in industrial structure adjustment, transformation and upgrading, Industrial transformation and upgrading should focus on the following aspects: ① technological innovation, we should guide enterprises to expand channels and consider problems in technological innovation. ② The innovation of business model, vicious competition in the industry, and things that hurt both sides happen from time to time. How to carry out effective integration and reorganization, enhance the ability to resist risks, enhance domestic competitiveness, obtain better benefits, and bring the development of enterprises to a new level is an issue that needs us to seriously study and promote. ③ Enterprise brand building. ④ Construction of enterprise strategy and decision-making system. In the current situation, we should pay attention to preventing risks, resisting shocks, and adjusting business strategies. Sometimes the size is not very important for enterprises, but the key is to develop, guide enterprises to improve management levels, improve industrial upgrading levels, strengthen fund management, and reduce costs. In the medium term, we should consider the innovation of technology and business model to enter new market areas through upgrading

3. Further strengthen the statistical analysis of the industry. At present, the China Association of Indian industry has done a lot of useful work on the statistical analysis of the industry. With many years of foundation, it has been valued and welcomed by member units, and has also played a powerful role for government agencies to understand the development of the industry and formulate policies. China Printing Industry Association has mastered the customs import and export data search technology, and can make a detailed statistical analysis on the import and export of 20 kinds of printing equipment and equipment from the enterprise and quantity. It is mainly because PLA can absorb energy so that it is not easy to decompose. It is released on schedule every month, which has attracted the attention of the industry, including foreign enterprises, and played a strong guiding role in the development of the industry. There are still some contents not included in the statistics, which need to be supplemented with efforts

4. Strengthen the research on industrial policies. In 2012, the China Association of Indian industry provided the government with a lot of useful industrial development information and suggestions, and the adoption rate of opinions is constantly improving every year. This year, the China Association of Indian industry should continue to serve enterprises and be a good adviser to the competent government departments

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