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Introduction to Turbine Crusher

introduction to Turbine Crusher:

1. Turbine powder is a kind of machine that uses the high-speed relative movement between movable toothed discs to make the crushed materials impact, friction and materials do not impact each other in a daze to form graphene support. It is also called aerogel gel to obtain crushing

2. This machine has simple and firm structure, stable operation and good crushing effect. The crushed objects can be directly made of rust steel in the main machine cavity. The inside of the casing is machined to a smooth surface, which changes the previous phenomenon of rough and powder accumulation on the inner wall of the machine, and makes the production of drugs, food, chemical industry, etc. more in line with national standards

3. The turbine crusher is suitable for many varieties and small batches of Chinese herbal medicine, precious medicinal materials and ores in medicine, agriculture, food, chemical industry, alloy, metallurgy, geology, scientific research and other institutions. At the same time, the corresponding gear and chemical raw materials are selected according to the age

4. Advantages: the powder collecting chamber of the turbine crusher adopts a fully enclosed silencing structure, which can effectively reduce the working noise. The machine is equipped with a cooling device to reduce the machine temperature and work more smoothly. The motor speed of the machine is 5000 rpm. This machine is made of ICr18Ni9Ti stainless steel, which has strong wear and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for processing high-grade and corrosive materials. This machine adopts the impact crushing method. After entering the crushing chamber, the material is impacted by six moving hammers with high-speed rotation, and is crushed by the collision between the gear ring and the material. With the help of the air flow, the crushed material enters the powder bag through the sieve hole, leaving no residue. This machine has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, reliable working performance and product quality, safe operation, medical hygiene and small loss

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