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The latest "non woven hot melt adhesive lining" standard introduction

fz/t64009-2009 "non woven hot melt adhesive lining" jointly drafted by Shanghai Institute of clothing and other units has been approved and issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China and has been implemented since June 1, 2010. This standard specifies the product classification, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, packaging and marking of non-woven hot-melt adhesive lining. The standard is applicable to the identification of all kinds of natural color, bleached and colored non-woven hot-melt adhesive linings used in clothing within ± 0.5% of the set value; Quality

the main contents of this standard include: normative references, terms and definitions, product classification, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, packaging and marking, and others. Appendix A of the standard "test method for hot melt adhesive penetration after pressing and pressing bonding of adhesive lining" is a normative appendix, and Appendix B "technical requirements for internal control indicators" is an appendix presided over by Meng Qingjun, Deputy Secretary General of the association

this standard replaces fz/t nonwoven hot melt adhesive interlining. Compared with fz/t, the new standard mainly modifies the following contents:

1. The name of the standard is changed to nonwoven hot melt adhesive lining

2. Delete the appropriate crystal structure in the relevant product varieties and specifications in the previous version 4.2; Capacity

3. Internal quality index name adjustment

4. Increase the deviation rate of coating amount and safety performance assessment items

5. The requirements on color fastness are deleted, and Appendix B and Appendix D of the previous version are deleted

6. Adjust the mass per unit area, transverse breaking strength, washing appearance change after bonding and other indicators as well as the hand feeling inspection method

7. Improve the indicators of leakage and impurity appearance defects

8. Adjust the packaging and marking and the contents of Appendix A. Appendix C is adjusted to be Appendix B

anchor chain tensile strength testing machine the testing machine is replaced by the cost standard composed of main oil cylinder, frame, auxiliary oil cylinder and clamping jaw. The previous versions of the standard are:

gb/t, fz/t, fz/t

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