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Introduction to the British electricity producers' Association (AEP)

the members of the British electricity producers' Association are mostly enterprises that supply power to the wholesale electricity market. It also includes some enterprises that provide consulting and legal services for the power generation market. The association has developed from an unknown position in the industry to today's leading association in the power generation industry through a series of measures:

1, focusing on the main problems affecting the power generation industry

2, paying attention to the latest progress of the industry and responding in a timely manner

3, and carrying out many successful legislative suggestions to the government

4, Keep close contact with members to avoid bureaucracy

the association is currently considered to be the primary group that can represent the interests of British power producers in the UK and Europe. The core work of the association is related to the production and sales of power generation in the UK, such as laws and regulations, the connection and use of transmission systems, and the rules of electricity trading. In recent years, the association has strengthened its efforts in power generation and environmental protection, new energy development, gas-fired power generation, European energy policy, safety and health management, and so on. The association is also a member of the Confederation of British industry, the European electricity Union, the British Parliament energy survey group, the parliament new energy and sustainable energy group and the parliament environment group

The work of the association is carried out by different committees and working groups. The member enterprises of the association decide which committee to represent themselves according to their own interests and business scope

the electricity trading commission

is responsible for electricity wholesale market transactions, transmission contracts and other businesses. It is responsible for revising market norms, such as balance and settlement rules, fees, etc.

the electricity and natural gas Affairs Committee

is responsible for the supply and demand relationship of natural gas: due to the demand of downstream end products, prosperity and transmission. Members include enterprises with combined cycle gas units and hot spot cogeneration power stations. It is also responsible for the interaction and role of the natural gas market and the electricity market

the joint affairs working group

is responsible for the joint access and trading issues and policies of power distribution related to the power generation industry

the Environmental Affairs Committee

is responsible for environmental policies and regulatory matters at the national and European levels. It mainly includes emissions trading, environmental protection obligations of power generation enterprises, waste treatment and emission restrictions of power plants, etc

European Commission

this Commission is responsible for studying EU electricity laws and policies that have an impact on its member enterprises. It mainly includes market liberalization and energy policy. The Commission maintains close contact with relevant EU departments and organizations in order to have a certain impact on legislation and implementation in the UK

safety and Health Forum

the forum is often equipped with a shunt board (sleeve) to promote the best methods of occupational safety and health and the exchange of methods among members. The work mainly includes the comparison of accident rate, the performance evaluation of Safety Code 2010, the exchange of safety and health measures and the information communication of industrial accidents

renewable energy committee

this committee is responsible for formulating policies to encourage the development of renewable energy to promote the comprehensive development of renewable energy at the regional, national and European levels. At the same time, it strives to ensure the effectiveness of the existing incentive mechanism. The main issues include developing renewable energy obligations, planning and financing, etc

The Scottish Affairs Commission is responsible for the handling of matters affecting the Scottish electricity market. It represents most of the interests of Scottish power generation, from large vertically integrated companies to small power producers, most of which have investments in renewable energy

the power supplier forum

is mainly responsible for the power wholesale market. Members of the forum include large vertically integrated power suppliers and small independent power suppliers

the power transmission work creates an end product group

responsible for dealing with transmission connection and access, cross transmission of electricity, and the provision of auxiliary facilities. The first generation of members of the committee is conventional wrought aluminum alloy, and most of them are enterprises directly connected to power transmission

The main function of the association is to serve the interests of enterprises. In order to achieve this goal, the association makes legislative suggestions to the government and regulatory agencies (e.g. natural gas and power regulatory office); Play a certain role in the competent mechanism of the power industry and the natural gas industry; Be responsible for coordinating with electricity and natural gas transmission companies, and express views on behalf of the industry in the media, etc

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