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Adjustment of crosscutting knife in corrugated board production (Part 1)

in corrugated board production line, the adjustment of crosscutting machine is often a troublesome thing. The operator worked hard to adjust the knife. After adjusting it, the hand truck tried to cut it, and even the newspaper was cut very clean. But why did the corrugated board cut continuously when driving? The reason is that the procedure of adjusting the knife is wrong

three steps to correctly adjust the crosscutting knife:

first, eliminate the gap

the reverse rotation between the upper and lower knife rollers of the crosscutting machine is driven by the gears on the knife roller, and the gear meshing must have a gap. The special servo valve for the experimental machine usually has a tooth side clearance of 0.2 mm for the gear drive of the crosscutting machine with the development of intelligent technology. Due to the existence of the gap, the knife roll will move in the circumferential direction when cutting paper, which is commonly referred to as "let the knife"

when cutting newspapers by hand, because the cutting force is small, the knife roll rotates slowly, and there is no "let the knife" so the cutting is very good. However, as soon as I drive to cut corrugated cardboard, due to the large cutting force, "let the knife", resulting in continuous cardboard cutting. Therefore, the first step to adjust the cross cutter is to eliminate the gear clearance. The adjustment method is as follows (refer to the cross cutter adjustment diagram):

1 'loosen the lock nut 1 between the sliding gear 3 and the upper cutter roller

2. loosen the adjusting screw 2 on one side at both ends of the roll, and push the adjusting screw on the other side, so that the sliding gear 3 achieves twice the result with half the effort, causing sliding on the knife roll shaft and "staggering" with the fixed gear 4. At this time, the tooth surface of sliding gear 3 is in contact with one tooth side of the

lower cutter roll wide gear, and the tooth surface of fixed gear 4 is in contact with the other side of the wide gear, thereby eliminating the gear meshing gap between the upper and lower cutter rolls

during adjustment, pay attention to that the adjusting screws at both ends of the roll should move forward and backward at the same time, and the adjustment amount should be appropriate, not too tight. After adjustment, lock the adjusting screw and lock the nut with the continuous appearance of new raw materials, new singers and new works

(to be continued)

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