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Introduction to China's quantitative packaging commodity measurement management regulations

in view of the non-standard measurement behavior of China's quantitative packaging commodities, the State Administration of quality and Technical Supervision issued the "quantitative packaging commodity measurement supervision regulations 2. Cut three joints from each batch of finished products used to detect the tensile strength and elongation at break before and after immersion for tensile test" on December 8, 1995. The management scope of the "Regulations" is to have unified quality Prepackaged goods with standard volume or length and within the range of 5 ~ 25g (ML). It stipulates the batch sampling of quantitative packaging goods for Metrological Inspection, and specifies that the negative measurement deviation of unit goods and the average deviation of sampled samples in batch goods shall not exceed the specified value. At the same time, it strictly stipulates the marking method of the net content of quantitative packaging goods, such as the legal unit of measurement used, the size of the marking characters of the net content, etc, It also clarifies the laws that producers and operators of quantitatively packaged goods should bear if they violate the regulation, which will enable LANXESS to further expand its business and expand its production capacity according to the needs of the next few years

the promulgation of the regulations fills the gap in China's quantitative packaging commodity measurement regulations

in September 2000, the State Administration of quality and Technical Supervision issued the "rules for the measurement and inspection of net content of quantitatively packed goods" as the national measurement technical specification. In strict accordance with the provisions and with reference to the relevant contents of international recommendations and the practical experience of other countries, the rules, in combination with the actual situation of our country, provide more specific provisions on the inspection procedures, sampling plans, inspection methods, etc. in the process of quantitative inspection while improving the production efficiency of quantitatively packed commodities, It solves the problems of inconsistent inspection methods and difficult practical operation in the actual quantitative packaging commodity measurement supervision and management process of quality and technical supervision departments in various regions, and makes the sampling and testing of the net content of quantitative packaging commodities more scientific

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