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Introduction to the main characteristics of peak nitrogen generator

nitrogen generator is a set of equipment that can extract nitrogen. Its main application fields are: aerospace, nuclear power, precautions for the determination of friction coefficient of nuclear power, food and medicine, petrochemical industry, electronic industry, material industry, scientific experiment and other fields. This paper mainly introduces the main characteristics of peak nitrogen generator

1. Advanced technology: the electrolytic cell adopts vertical single liquid level double cathode. With the latest membrane separation technology, the catalytic layer uses PCA carrier and precious metal catalyst to make the electrolytic cell have high catalytic efficiency, large gas production and high nitrogen purity. The electrolytic cell has undergone high-voltage and high current aging test for more than 100 hours before leaving the factory, so that the performance and working state of the electrolytic cell are extremely stable

2. Program control. The instrument will take 3 to 5 years to withdraw from the coal production capacity of 500 million tons, and reduce and reorganize 500 million tons at the same time. The control system adopts special chips. All working processes are completed by program control. Automatic constant pressure, constant flow, and nitrogen flow can be fully automatically adjusted according to the dosage

3. Three stage catalysis. In addition to the two-stage catalysis in the electrolytic cell, there is also a third pole catalysis. The catalyst uses new precious metals to make the oxygen content of the output nitrogen less than 3ppm

4. Low nitrogen production humidity. Peak nitrogen generator adopts ultra-high molecular weight osmotic separation technology and effective dehumidification device, thus reducing the original humidity and automatically discharging water after shutdown. Metal polymer dehumidification and two-stage adsorption are used to greatly improve the purity of nitrogen

5. The whole equipment works without electricity, reducing the noise and thermal radiation in the daily laboratory

6, safe and reliable, equipped with installation device, sensitive and reliable

7. It is easy to operate. Just connect compressed air and start the power switch to generate nitrogen

8. It can be used in combination with low-noise oil-free air compressor to meet the requirements of long-term use

9. Instruments can be used continuously or intermittently

10. The high-efficiency pretreatment system can pretreat the compressed air and eliminate all kinds of small particles

11. Subsequent membrane units separate air into nitrogen and oxygen

12. The electrolytic separation cell has large electrolytic area, low temperature and longer service life

13. The instrument is equipped with a non liquid return device, which can effectively ensure that the instrument has no liquid return

14, no rotating parts, almost no loss

15. The peak nitrogen generator is equipped with an automatic emptying device when it is started, which has a stable tracking output when it is used. Therefore, it has the function of automatically closing the gas path after power failure

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