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Fanuc new products and function introduction

FANUC's newly released synchronous built-in servo motor can realize high-speed feed, high acceleration and high precision of the rotating shaft. The motor is designed to directly drive the rotating shaft, which can omit the reduction gear, so it can achieve high acceleration and high precision of the rotating shaft. Also, because the built-in servo motor in the same period can be directly combined with the rotating shaft without the use of mechanical additional devices, this feature makes it most suitable for the rotating workbench on machinery and the additional rotating shaft of 5-axis processing machinery


. Large torque: because of the use of strong rare earth magnets, large torque can be obtained

。 Smooth feed: the best electrical circuit design can achieve a smooth low-speed torque

。 High acceleration: the maximum angular acceleration can exceed 100000deg/sec2 (excluding the load moment of inertia)

。 The standard mode can support 200V and 400V power supply voltage

。 Driven by standard drives: FANUC standard drives (I series drives) can be supported

motor specifications (5)

. Maximum torque (nm) 3000/2100/370/110/85

. Speed (1/min) 150/150/300/300/400

. External diameter (mm) 555/565/230/230/180

2 New products (holster type high-speed spindle supporting grease lubrication, fanuc-nsk standard spindle unit)

* high precision spindle unit

the high-precision spindle unit developed and cooperated by NSK and Fanuc can be applied to high-speed central processing machines. The patented specification of this spindle is that it can use grease lubrication to meet the requirements of 20000rpm, and has good cutting ability, low vibration and low noise

there are four types shown in the specification, 112s/20000ib and 112l/20000ib motors with high speed and high output, each of which has two maximum speeds. Generally, the general oil-gas lubricated high-speed spindle can support the bearing to turn to 20000 rpm, but the NSK spindle unit can have the following advantages over the oil-gas lubricated one because it uses grease lubrication: there is no pollution in oil mist, It can reduce air loss by 80% and noise by 30%. These two advantages have great advantages for reducing operating costs

* features:

. This spindle adopts the latest high-speed motor, combined with the new spindle driver and spindle HRV control, which can obtain high-power, high-speed and high-precision control

。 The spindle unit adopts a holster shape, which can provide simple installation

。 Grease supply lubricated bearings can support up to 20000 RPM (NSK will provide relevant technical support)

. Provide central outlet water cooling type to support high-efficiency cutting

。 List of high-precision spindle units

*20000 1/min requires a grease supply device

3. New products (CNC that can best correspond to various types of processing, FANUC 16i/18i/21i model B)

FANUC 16 sheet metal is the coat of electronic experimental machines. The control of i/18i/21i model B series has strong expansion control function, and can support high-speed and high-precision processing. With FANUC's latest rare magneto AC servo motor is series, it can support smooth rotation and high acceleration and deceleration capacity. This CNC can greatly increase the competitiveness of products

(1) the increase of the maximum number of control axes

this is because the peripheral parallel devices of the machine have an increasing trend. For example, ATC and load axes and other additional objects are added to form an inclined workbench to increase the added value of the product. The composition of the system can greatly simplify these control devices, and it is best to be controlled by CNC itself. 18i model B5 (number of simultaneous control axes =5) and 18i model B (number of simultaneous control axes =4) expanded from 6 to 8. 21i model B (number of simultaneous control axes =4) expands from 4 to 5

(2) nano smooth control

16i/18i-m model B series and 18i-m model B5 add the newly published nano smooth inter filling ability, which can obtain the best quality on the finish machined surface on the mold surface and reduce the polishing time for post-treatment

。 CNC is processed by the output line segments of cad/cam system to obtain the desired shape. Then, the NURBS curve is processed with a tolerance of 1nm

。 The NUBRS curve generated by the gap is filled in nanometers

(3) AI nano profile control for lathes

ai nano profile control was originally provided for milling machines, but now it is also newly provided for 16i/18i/21i-t model B. If nano gap is used in lathe processing, higher precision machining surface will be produced

the feature of the testing software function of the acceleration speed control plastic tensile testing machine is to improve the processing speed and reduce mechanical vibration. The acceleration and deceleration can be controlled during processing to reduce the impulse, and this goal can be achieved by changing the curvature change during the acceleration time

(4) the function of servo guide mate

the function of servo guide on PC has been added to 16i/18i/21i model B, which can be used to check the adjustment status of spindle and servo on the CNC window. It is an effective tool for MTB to check the accuracy of mass production machine, and end users can be used to check the accuracy change of machinery after years of processing. This function provides the following analysis mode:

. The time base displays

. Contour error display

. The mobile mode displays

. Frequency analysis shows that

4 New function (for various types of 5-axis processing machines, FANUC 16i-mb/18i-mb5 southbound express 5-axis processing)

the current type of 5-axis processing function is equipped with a new high-speed RISC processor. These functions can be used in a variety of 5-axis processing machines, such as head rotation type, workbench rotation type, and hybrid type


. 5-axis machining tool center point control

when the tool axis has a tilt change, the movement of the tool tip center point can follow the program path according to the specified feed rate. With this function, when the tool length changes, there is no need to change the processing program

。 5-axis machining tool diameter correction

3D tool diameter correction can be corrected on the plane perpendicular to the tool, and Euler angle correction can also be used. With this function, when the tool diameter changes, there is no need to change the processing program

。 The inclined plane processing instruction

specifies an inclined plane as a processing plane and releases the program on this plane (x, y). The processing action can be automatically converted to this inclined plane, and the action of the rotation axis can be automatically controlled to be perpendicular to the inclined plane. With this function, the processing program can be easily made on the inclined plane

。 Manual feed for 5-axis machining

with this function, the tool can be manually moved along the inclined plane or the direction of the tool axis

this function can make the rotating shaft move manually without changing the position of the tool nose. With this function, it becomes very easy to process the inclined surface

5. New functions (improve the surface quality of finish machining and reduce the processing time)

acceleration speed control is provided on FANUC 16i/18i MB5/18i MB Series, with nano instructions that can perform position calculation and servo control. Its function is to increase the surface quality of finish machining and reduce the processing time

(acceleration refers to the acceleration change rate)


. Each servo axis can consider the acceleration to determine the feed rate

the cutting speed can automatically decelerate to the best speed at a specific position to obtain a smoother shape, but it will produce a large amount of impulse, resulting in mechanical vibration. For example, the shape of the program is a straight-line single segment connected with a circular arc single segment. If the impulse generated by the deceleration of the two single segments can be automatically avoided, the quality of the finish machined surface can be improved, When the cutting speed is reached, there can be only slight vibration in this place, so that the feed speed can be increased to reduce the processing time

。 Smooth bell acceleration/deceleration

make the acceleration/deceleration achieve smooth curvature change, and reduce vibration with smoother control, so as to obtain a better machined surface

6. New products (newly released low-cost/high reliability CNC, FANUC 0I model b/0i mate model B Series)

FANUC's newly released low-cost and high reliability controller 0I model b/0i mate model B series uses the latest I series CNC technology, especially for the Asian market to meet the requirements of the rapidly increasing low-cost CNC machine market

。 0I model B series

0i model B is characterized by its application to lathes, milling machines, central processing machines, grinders, etc., which correspond to 4 axes at most. It can be applied to major popular machines in the market. Servo and spindle can drive AC servo motor I series and AC spindle motor I series. Both of them are equipped with digital servo with smooth feed and high acceleration and deceleration, and spindle intelligent control to correspond to high-speed and high-precision processing. Both color and black-and-white displays can be used, and the function of data server can correspond to and support large-capacity programs

。 0I mate model B series

in Asia, the trend of the market is to increase the product niche and use low-cost CNC machinery to replace traditional lathes and milling machines. 0I mate model B is developed especially for these CNC machines. Its control ability is limited to three axes of lathe and milling machine. The servo axis is matched with AC servo motor is series, and the main shaft of the machine also provides AC spindle motor I series. The characteristics of such motors are very economic benefits. The combination of 0I mate model B series can be provided to NC machines that need low price, while the CNC has only black-and-white display units

7. New function (increase the operability of simple input of processing program, FANUC manual guide I, manual guide 0I)

FANUC manual guide is a very meaningful function. This popular function can assist in operating machine processing, such as lathes and milling machines. The new manual guide I, because it corresponds to a composite type of processing machine, has become more complex in operation; Therefore, a simple manual guide 0I is also added. Manual guide 0I is an auxiliary dialog program input function derived from manual guide I deleting some complex functions

manual guide I features:

. Use a single display window to display all the processing actions in the program, and check and actual processing by graphic simulation

。 It provides many complex functions to support copying, moving and copying procedures. Other functions are used to support M-code menus and standard description menus, and can use teaching messages to input processing parameters

。 After inputting circular processing data such as milling, turning, inclined surface processing, etc., there will be a very real graphic simulation when checking the program processing path

。 It provides many support functions in setting, such as tool measurement, workpiece measurement at the starting point, and workpiece internal measurement

。 This function is an additional function applicable to 16i/18i/21i model B series CNC

manual guide 0I features:

. Provide a simple program of circular processing menu

。 A contour program is provided to ensure that the input data can correspond to complex machining contours

。 This function is an additional function applicable to 0I model a and 0I model B series CNC

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