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Gansu Province takes many measures to promote the consumption and efficient utilization of new energy

as a major province of new energy construction in China, renewable energy power generation in Gansu Province has made great progress in recent years. As of June this year, the installed capacity of new energy in our province has reached 20.68 million KW, accounting for more than 40% of the total installed capacity, ranking fourth in the country. According to the data of Gansu Electric Power Company, the cumulative power generation of new energy in our province in the first half of the year was 16.183 billion kwh, an increase of 33.56% year-on-year. The wind abandonment rate was 20.51%, a year-on-year decrease of 15.52 percentage points; The light rejection rate was 11.52%, a year-on-year decrease of 11.04 percentage points

the "double increase" of wind power and photovoltaic power generation, and the "double decrease" of abandoning wind and light, all of which have been achieved thanks to the continuous innovation of power spot trading in our province, the implementation of wind, thermal and power bundling trading mode, and the results achieved by adhering to both internal supply and external delivery

speed up the construction of transmission channels and build a transmission "highway"

in June 2017, the Jiuquan Hunan ± 800 kV High Voltage DC transmission project with a total investment of 26.2 billion yuan and a rated transmission capacity of 8 million KW was put into operation, which greatly improved the ability to ensure power supply within the province, transmit more power outside the province, and fully absorb new energy. Gansu Power officially entered the ultra-high voltage era. According to the data, Jiuhu project can transmit 130000 kwh of electricity in one second. At present, it can transmit 40billion kwh of electricity to Hunan in one year

increasing the transmission across provinces is the most effective means to solve the transformation of surplus power resources. Since the 12th Five Year Plan, Gansu Electric Power has built and expanded 7 750 kV substations and 28 330 kV substations. The main frame has achieved a major leap from 330/110 kV to 750/330 kV. It is connected to 4 provinces and regions of Shaanxi, Ningxia, Qinghai and Xinjiang through 18 circuits of 750 kV lines, and its position as a hub of northwest electric power has become more prominent. What kind of flame retardants and smoke suppressants can be used to meet the conditions for the export of new energy

in 2017, Gansu Electric Power Company will expand the export to 13 provinces and regions, and the channel will be expanded to all the existing UHV DC channels for the experimental operation steps of rigid foamed plastic testing machines in the northwest. Jiuhu UHV DC in the province will play a major role in export. According to the data provided by the company's control center, the trans regional and trans provincial electricity transmission in 2017 was 20.3 billion kwh, an increase of 30% year-on-year, including 10.4 billion kwh of new energy

innovate power spot trading and develop multi variety trading methods

in August 2017, the pilot work of China's power spot market construction was officially launched. Wind farms, photovoltaic power stations and power users in areas rich in new energy of the state power organization participated in the recent and real-time bidding transactions in the power market, making full use of UHV transmission channels to deliver new energy. All 227 new energy power stations in our province are connected to the spot trading system. According to statistics, in the first six months of this year, Gansu Electric power company organized a total of 1896 new energy spot transactions, with a transaction volume of 2.35 billion kwh, accounting for the scope of the national electric power company. Do you know how to debug the testing machine? 47.22% of domestic electricity spot transactions

with the support of the State Grid Corporation of China, Gansu Electric Power Company has made full use of the advantages of full dispatching of new energy to carry out unified peak shaving and dispatching of new energy northwest power. In addition to organizing the signing of medium and long-term cross provincial and cross regional electricity trading contracts, the scale of day ahead trading, real-time trading, spot trading and replacement trading within the scope of national electricity is also increasing rapidly, which has improved the power transmission capacity of Gansu Hexi Corridor in the area rich in new energy, The consumption capacity of new energy has been greatly improved

"since this year, the electricity sent from Gansu to the central and eastern provinces has been lower than the electricity price on the local thermal power benchmark, and the competitive advantage is obvious. In the future, the spot trading volume of Gansu new energy will increase." The relevant person in charge of Gansu Electric Power Company said. Now, with the advantages of policy and price, new energy in our province has become a hot commodity in the market outside the province, and Gansu has also become the largest "supplier" for spot trading in the national power market

implement electric energy substitution and speed up the construction of local "electrification"

in September 2017, during the second Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo, 100% of all electricity in Dunhuang used clean energy for power supply. This is the first time that Gansu Power has explored 100% new energy power supply in a city, exploring a new way to realize urban energy transformation

to explore the power market in the province and tap the potential of power substitution is one of the important measures to further solve the dilemma of new energy consumption in our province. In recent years, in combination with the characteristics of the industrial structure in the province, Gansu Electric Power Company has focused on the construction of replacement projects with great potential, such as the replacement of coal-fired captive power plants and the replacement of urban central heating, summarized and promoted the support of new energy clean heating projects through "large user direct purchase of electricity + peak valley electricity", gradually eliminated the small coal-fired boilers built in cities above the prefecture level, and deeply explored smelting, oil and gas The substitution potential of agricultural products processing and other technical fields, in the railway, urban rail transit, automobile and other transportation fields, as well as the construction field, industrial field, household life field, accelerate the promotion of electric energy substitution, and improve the proportion of electric energy consumption

as of May, 2018, 107 household electrification projects have been completed in our province, and the replacement power has reached 22.96 million kwh. According to the plan, the province will promote 300000 household appliances in 2018, which can increase the potential load by 270000 kW

promote the efficient development and utilization of new energy

the problem of surplus electricity consumption is related to the layout, structure, transmission channel and the whole power balance of the power system

On May 20, the provincial government and State Grid Corporation of China signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on accelerating the construction of a happy and beautiful new Gansu. The two sides will further deepen cooperation in five aspects: strengthening the construction of electricity at all levels in Gansu, continuously increasing the scale of electricity transmission from Gansu, improving the level of new energy development and utilization, actively promoting rural electrification, and vigorously promoting clean heating and electricity substitution

the cooperation agreement defines the long-term plan for the development of Gansu Electric Power. During the period of "factor 5 of 13 single chip microcomputer regulating wear testing machine", Gansu Electric power infrastructure investment will reach 39 billion yuan. Focusing on meeting the "three tasks" of internal supply, external transmission and new energy consumption, the construction of the 750 kV third circuit line strengthening project in Hexi Corridor, the overall promotion of the project construction of Jiuquan Hunan DC transmission end supporting power supply, condenser and receiving end power, and the research and promotion of Longdong Shandong UHV DC project, Form a strong frame structure covering the main loads and power centers of the province, and form a new pattern of energy development and export in Western and Eastern Gansu. By 2020, a strong smart power with "strong, safe, efficient, green, low-carbon and friendly interaction" will be initially built to better meet the export needs of Gansu's new energy development

the cooperation agreement also stipulates that our province will adopt centralized and decentralized electric heating mode according to local conditions, promote regenerative electric heating technology, accelerate the implementation of electric energy substitution in key areas such as residents, industry, agriculture, commerce, construction, transportation, etc., form a new mode of clean, safe, flexible and efficient energy consumption, and achieve the goal of 15.5 billion kwh of electric energy substitution by the end of the 13th five year plan

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