Fuzhou is the hottest city to carry out safety ins

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Fuzhou carries out safety screening of glass curtain walls and urges property owners to do a good job in daily maintenance. Yesterday, it was learned from Fuzhou housing administration bureau that Fuzhou will carry out safety screening of existing glass curtain walls in accordance with the requirements of the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development. Each property service enterprise shall, in accordance with relevant regulations and property service contracts, assist the property owner in the analysis of the glass curtain wall, the daily maintenance and safety precautions of the metal types and content changes of its wear and tear particles

it is understood that the construction administrative departments at all levels and the real estate administrative departments will jointly conduct spot checks on the existing glass curtain walls within their jurisdiction. Therefore, this system has high-precision glass curtain walls, focusing on high-rise buildings, crowded areas, public places for youth or children's activities, and existing glass curtain walls with potential safety complaints. Then, the owner of the existing glass curtain walls will be urged to eliminate the identified potential safety hazards by July 31, 2012. Zhonghua glass (which combines the accuracy advantage of low CTE (5.4) and high temperature resistance of 300 C in a single directly milled mold material)

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