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Fuzhou comprehensively promotes the treatment of black and odorous water bodies and implements "integrated" command operations. Release date: Source: China Environment News

in winter, on the Bank of the Taiyu River in Cangshan District, Fuzhou, Fujian Province, trees are verdant. Many citizens and tourists on the footpaths on both sides of the river feel the sense of gain brought by the achievements of water control while enjoying the warm sun

from April 24 to May 24, 2017, the fifth Environmental Protection Bureau of the central government treated its needs as a top priority. When the protection and supervision team sank in Fuzhou, the inspector found that the construction of urban sewage pipes and the direct discharge of domestic sewage were prominent, resulting in serious black and smelly inland rivers. The Fujian provincial Party committee and the provincial government attach great importance to comprehensively promote the treatment of black and odorous water bodies by taking the opportunity of the first round of central environmental protection supervision and Fujian Ecological Environment "three in one" supervision. Through efforts, the appearance of more than 100 inland rivers in Fuzhou has been greatly improved, so that people along the river can enjoy the ecological benefits of "seeing the green through the window and seeing the scenery when going out"

in terms of quantity, content and mechanism, we should "add the bottleneck and other problems in tackling key strategic materials and technologies" to effectively improve the inland river ecology.

Fuzhou is born and prospers along the water, and the urban water system is crisscross and densely covered with rivers. Inland rivers are a part of Fuzhou people's life. With the acceleration of urbanization, insufficient infrastructure supply and other factors, the ecological environment of inland rivers has been destroyed, and the problems of urban waterlogging and black and smelly water have become prominent, which has become a pain in the hearts of Fuzhou citizens

in order to win the battle for the treatment of black and odorous water bodies and restore the ecosystem of water systems, the Fuzhou municipal Party committee and government have taken measures such as comprehensive sewage interception, comprehensive dredging, comprehensive dredging, comprehensive treatment of pollution sources, comprehensive implementation of the transformation and upgrading of urban villages (old residential areas), introduction of water, increase of water and movement of water, and changed "Jiulong water control" into "integrated" command operations

"clear water, smooth river, green bank, beautiful scenery, safety and ecology" is the general goal of Fuzhou City to harness inland rivers. The CPC Fuzhou Municipal Committee and the Fuzhou municipal government have promoted the treatment of black and odorous water bodies as the "number one" project and the top priority of the CPC Fuzhou Municipal Committee and the Fuzhou municipal government. Zhuchenyi, deputy director of Fuzhou urban and Rural Development Bureau, said that in order to achieve the overall goal of inland river governance, Fuzhou has made "additions" in terms of quantity, content and mechanism, so as to make the inland river ecosystem turn around magnificently

add up the quantity. Find out the tributaries that "hide" in the alleys, villages in the city and affect the living environment of surrounding residents and the water quality of the main river through dredging. According to the concept of whole area water control, the control range is expanded from 44 black and odorous water bodies with a total length of 64.96 kilometers to 107 main river channels with a total length of about 274 kilometers, and comprehensively treat them according to the "one river, one policy"

add "on the content. Make overall plans for comprehensive treatment, promote the treatment of pollution sources and waterlogging, increase the efforts of sewage interception and desilting and water exchange, and synchronously implement the construction of ecological revetments and Pearl parks, tree planting, road construction, lighting, landscaping, and garden construction, so as to create a beautiful Rongcheng inland river scenic spot

do "addition" in mechanism. The "rolling carpet" working method was established, integrating 3 departments and 5 units (2 water conservancy departments, 1 urban management committee, and 2 construction bureaus), and the first urban water system joint drainage and joint commissioning Center (sewage treatment plant, pipe, and River Integrated Management System) was established to effectively achieve continuous and complete treatment

beautify the river bank, cut off the source and sewage, improve the pipe, and strive to achieve the general goal of water control

on the Bank of the Jingang River, we can see that the river system of the whole line of 1.7 kilometers is unobstructed, the river is clear, the footpaths on both sides are unimpeded, the underwater ecological environment is also unique, and aquatic plants such as Canna and water bamboo taro are all over the Bank of the river

Yimu (Fuzhou dialect), 72, lives in a community close to Jingang river. She told that before the treatment of the Jingang River, the water body was black and smelly, and mosquitoes and flies could be seen everywhere. At the end of 2019, after the completion of river regulation, the water became clear. "Almost every morning, I will walk along the Jingang River Trail or to the Pearl Park to breathe the fresh air. According to young people, I will 'punch in' every day." According to my mother

chenyongfeng, deputy director of Fuzhou urban joint platoon and commissioning center, said that in the process of governance, the Jingang river made full use of the existing roadside green space to create a 2400 square meter Beaded Park, which enriched citizens' leisure space. The scenic footpaths along the river are constructed and landscaped, with a total area of 13819 square meters. The riverside space is integrated, the river landscape is improved, and the living environment along the bank is improved. A 5000m3/d reclaimed water station has also been built in Jingang park to use the tail water of domestic sewage from some nearby areas treated by the reclaimed water station as the ecological supplementary water for the river

the beautification of the river bank decorates the inland river. Cutting off the source and pollution, improving and repairing the pipe have laid a solid foundation for Fuzhou to eliminate the black and odorous water body in the city and achieve the general goal of water control. Qimingfeng, deputy director of Fuzhou Ecological Environment Bureau, said that since 2017, a total of 210 kilometers of sewage interceptors along the river have been buried, 39 kilometers of sewage interceptors have been reconstructed and repaired, and 895 intercepting wells have been built in the treatment of black and odorous water bodies in the city. Complete the construction of 210 kilometers of municipal sewage pipes in the urban area, complete the screening of 2500 kilometers of rainwater and sewage pipes, and repair and transform 2126 kilometers

with a series of efforts, the governance of urban inland river systems in Fuzhou has achieved phased results. According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of ecological environment, 99 of the 107 river courses in the urban area have been systematically treated (including 44 black and odorous water bodies), and the water quality has reached the landscape water quality standard, and the treatment of the remaining 50 main and tributaries of inland rivers can be completed within the year

raise the inland river management to the legal level, and ensure that the long-term "system" and long-term cleaning

Fuzhou inland river governance has achieved certain results. How to achieve the long-term "system" and long-term cleaning

"it is guaranteed by institutional measures. Taiwan has formulated the three-year (annual) action plan for improving the quality and efficiency of sewage treatment in four urban areas of Fuzhou, and continued to promote the construction, repair and reconstruction of sewage pipes, so as to realize the collection of sewage sources in the whole area." Yang Xinjian, vice mayor of Fuzhou, spoke firmly

through the establishment of the urban water system joint drainage and commissioning center, the management authority of the city's water related departments is integrated to make the water control mechanism more smooth. Under the unified command and control of reservoirs, lakes, rivers, and sluice stations in the urban water system, the dynamic management of "plants, lakes, and rivers" is realized to ensure that 464 gigawatts (40%) of sewage from China does not enter the river and that the river water does not flow back

the mechanism should be smooth, and the list of inland rivers should also be clear. Under the guidance of the "Fuzhou urban inland river management measures" and the "detailed rules for the implementation of Fuzhou urban inland river management measures", the inland river management directory has been established, and each inland river has its own "ID card", and the inland river management has risen to the legal level. Chinese enterprises have the talent to produce their own plastic extrusion machinery

in addition, the water system patrol detachment is established, the assessment mechanism is formulated, and the double river head system is comprehensively implemented to ensure that the water quality of the river, the facilities along the river, the operation of the sewage interception system and environmental sanitation are effectively maintained and maintained. The patrol detachment is mainly responsible for 21 specific tasks, such as the investigation of pollution sources entering the river, the daily patrol of inland rivers, and the patrol of management systems. It patrols the river once a day and at night, establishes a linkage mechanism between inland river law enforcement personnel and patrol team members, and effectively disposes of problems at the first time through normalized joint patrol and real-time monitoring of river courses. At the same time, we will implement the "double river head system" under the collaborative management of "government river head" and "enterprise river head", establish a list of double River heads, and assign River heads to specific heads, so as to ensure smooth drainage of inland rivers, stable water quality, clean environment and good landscape

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