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the core of price rise and fall depends on supply and demand. At present, the demand in the U.S. market is sluggish, and more timber is dumped only by China. The amount originally exported to the United States by more countries has also come to China, and the foreign supply to China has increased

at the end of November, the domestic plate inventory in Taicang port was about 960000 m3, and the radiation effect of Taicang on Henan, Sichuan, Hubei and other regions was significantly weakened, and the current inventory is still high; Even if the inventory will decline in these two months, there is a high probability that it will return to more than one million cubic meters after the Spring Festival, and the real inventory will fall to the relatively safe range of 750000 cubic meters. It is estimated that it may not be possible next summer. Use a square level with an accuracy of 0.05/1000 to align respectively, and the stock is not low

at present, domestic demand is not booming, and merchants generally feel that the peak season of the market is not booming. The downturn of domestic real estate affects the wood demand of wood construction, decoration, furniture, doors and windows, which is all higher than that of the industrial chain of developed countries (6 ⑴ 6%). Domestic strict inspection of environmental protection makes it difficult for the demand of the missing processing plants to recover in a short time; The delivery hand-held manipulator made the pendulum perform an empty beating (without placing the sample) for one time, which still fell year-on-year. Reduced demand

from the perspective of traders' mentality, at present, it is in the decline channel, and most people buy up rather than buy MDF gb/t11718 ⑴ 999 fell. Moreover, in the downward trend, the price difference between the purchase price and the sales price is unreasonable, and the bottom may not be reached in the first half of 2015 when the purchase price is more than 100 lower than the sales price. Moreover, Russian materials fell from 285 US dollars to 240 US dollars. Some businesses feel that they have fallen a lot. There is also the behavior of covering positions on a large scale. Today, the quotation of more than 220 US dollars has come out again, and there is still some arrival volume in the next stage. In general, the bottom can only be reached when everyone is afraid. It's too early to see now

after the sharp rise of the RMB, it can be said that it is out of the risk of breaking the "7", but it is still difficult to strengthen all the way. It is estimated that there will be support around 6.80. It's not easy for timber importers to lose hundreds of thousands of yuan a vote. They are willing not to be numb and move forward cautiously

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