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Gan Lin, vice governor of Hunan Province, met with Du Huajun, President of Schneider Electric China, Changsha, China, February 28, 2008 - Gan Lin, vice governor of Hunan Province, met with Mr. Du Huajun, President of Schneider Electric China, a leading enterprise in the global power and control industry, and his delegation at Hunan Hotel today. The two sides held friendly talks on areas of common concern. Schneider Electric also loved the Hunan people who were hit by the snow disaster, and donated electric equipment to Hunan Electric Power Bureau on the same day to support the reconstruction of local electric equipment

Gan Lin, vice governor of Hunan Province, first extended a warm welcome to Mr. duhuajun's visit and thanked Schneider Electric for its support and help to Hunan's power facilities. He said, "Schneider Electric's visit to Hunan this time is of positive significance for both sides to exchange experience in the power industry and promote the management level of power facilities in our province because of connection failures." Gan Lin said, "the provincial government welcomes large international companies such as Schneider Electric to invest in Hunan in various forms."

Duhuajun, President of Schneider Electric China, thanked the Hunan Provincial Government for its welcome. He also introduced the basic situation of Schneider Electric and its investment and development in China. He said, "Schneider Electric is a long-term supporter of Hunan power system, and has supported the construction of Yiyang Power Plant, Changsha power plant, Yueyang taigreen paper and other projects. In addition, Schneider Electric is also organizing a large-scale activity in Changsha involving more than 2000 Schneider Electric employees to support Hunan's economy." At the donation ceremony, he said: "we think it is of great significance to donate to the disaster areas in Hunan. Schneider Electric's 20-year experience in China tells us that the development of enterprises cannot be separated from the support of the local government and the masses. It is incumbent on enterprises to give back to the society and lend a helping hand to the disaster stricken groups in times of crisis."

Schneider Electric is one of the world's top 500 enterprises, and also a leading enterprise in the field of global power and control. Its sales reached 17.3 billion euros in 2007, with more than 112000 employees in 190 countries around the world. Schneider Electric has always been keen on public welfare undertakings, and has not forgotten to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities while developing the economy. Since 2000, Schneider Electric has donated 7million yuan to social public welfare undertakings in China, donated 8 hope primary schools, 2 orphanages and 1 special education school, and will establish another 3 hope primary schools in Hunan and Hubei in the future. In addition, in the Luli project of enterprises supporting youth development, through the donations of employees, a total of 2million yuan has been donated to the China Youth Development Foundation. At the same time, Schneider Electric also donated instruments and equipment worth more than 10 million yuan to many university laboratories in China in terms of University projects, and provided many students with opportunities to practice in Schneider Electric

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