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Fuyao Group: achieve efficient development through all-round innovation

it was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange six years after its establishment. In the past 24 years, it has developed from an unknown small factory into a leading automotive glass manufacturer in China and the second in the world. In 2009, when the global economy was extremely severe, its board of directors became the only private enterprise listed in the annual "top ten board of directors" of Shanghai Stock Exchange. It was also in this year that its helmsman won the "Ernst & Young Global Entrepreneur Award" for Chinese entrepreneurs for the first time

it is Fuyao Group

from a small enterprise with total assets of only 6.27 million yuan to one of the four major families in the world enterprise glass industry. Fuyao, what is it

caodewang, chairman of Fuyao Group, gave the answer: innovation, unremitting innovation aimed at self-improvement and efficient development

1. Fair and simple operation

system innovation lays a solid foundation

Cao Dewang told that at the beginning of listing, the company realized the importance of an innovative system in the company's development strategy. Therefore, as early as 1994, the company introduced independent directors into the board of directors, and made it clear for the first time that the 13 members of the board of directors of the company are composed of 6 major shareholder directors, 5 management directors and 2 independent directors. And hired the managing director of Standard Chartered Securities Co., Ltd. as the first independent director of the company. "Since the establishment of the company's leading independent director, the company has always attached importance to giving full play to the different knowledge backgrounds and professional experience of independent directors and members of various professional committees." Cao Dewang said

this innovation has improved the corporate governance structure. The board of directors is responsible for planning and formulating strategies, development goals and annual plans, and the management is responsible for organizing the implementation. Through the reasonable division of responsibilities between the board of directors and the management, the board of directors can spare a lot of time and focus more on the strategic level of the long-term development of the company

management innovation provides continuous impetus

in the interview, caodewang repeatedly stressed that it is necessary to fight a "blood road" in the world glass industry, which has been dominated by four major players in the world for decades or even centuries, such as Asahi in Japan, Pilkington in Britain, Saint Gobain in France and PPG in the United States, and innovative enterprise management has become the only way for Fuyao

in the 1990s, Cao Dewang visited famous enterprises in the United States, Britain and Japan. Finally, he found a way in Wang Yongqing of the Taiwan League: to implement the division system and change the tower management into flat management

"the division system has achieved clear rights and responsibilities, both centralized and independent, which not only reflects the superiority of the group, but also ensures their respective enthusiasm; while the flat management greatly strengthens the decision-making and execution ability of the group." Caodewang introduced to

2007, Cao Dewang, who was sensitive to the impending financial crisis, decided to slim down Fuyao and spent more than 4 million yuan to carry out "Six Sigma management" and activities such as cost reduction and efficiency increase, productivity improvement and anti waste. The whole production management was integrated into 78 main processes, which really achieved "everyone has everything under control"

in Fuyao, employees have always been regarded as the "children" of managers: the children of employees Chen Li and he Mingqin suffered from a strange disease of hematemesis since childhood, and they were unable to be cured in several hospitals. When the group's donation proposal was placed on Cao Dewang's desk, he immediately donated 50000 yuan and gave special instructions not to increase the burden on ordinary employees, and the donation was only made in the cadre circle with a salary of more than 3000 yuan; In May, 2007, Tian Jun, an employee who had been in the factory for less than two months and was still in training, developed leukemia. As a farmer, his parents did everything they could to cover the medical expenses required by his son. After learning about this, Cao Dewang immediately decided to bear all the medical expenses required by Tian Jun

during the interview with Fuyao, the employees were all moved when talking about these things. They said, "it's worth working in such an enterprise!" After 2005, Fuyao entered a stage of rapid development and comprehensive innovation. During this period, Fuyao made comprehensive innovations in six aspects: equipment, process, products, product technology, design technology, and cutting-edge technology research and development

"the main reason why we take the lead in equipment innovation is that having our own design and manufacturing power on equipment is the most important reason why Fuyao can develop so fast." Caodewang told that the equipment for processing automotive glass is very special. Sometimes a device has to be specially developed and designed for a kind of glass, and it is basically made by the manufacturer of automotive glass. Because of technical protection, it is difficult for us to buy it in the market, which really poses a problem for Fuyao

after the introduction of manufacturing equipment at a high price, Fuyao set up a machinery department with a huge investment. "This effectively ensures that Fuyao Group maintains the leading position of production equipment in the domestic industry, and constitutes the competitive advantage of Fuyao in the domestic market." For example, the production capacity of the rapid continuous tempering furnace independently developed by Fuyao is 6 to 8 times that of other domestic equipment, with energy consumption reduced by 20% and the total cost reduced by 30%

in an era when automotive glass is not only transparent, but also more functional and even intelligent, product technology innovation represents vitality for Fuyao. From sunscreen and energy-saving car glass to front bumper wire heating glass to antenna glass, product technology innovation runs through the development of Fuyao and is practiced by every employee

Pu Wenshi, a bonding worker in the sandwich packaging workshop of Fuyao Chongqing company, found that the company used imported 3M insulating glue to make protective glue to protect the glass from pollution, and it was disposable, so it had to be transferred after gluing. "Why use expensive 3M glue just for protection?" Puwen believes that this is a great waste. For this reason, he took all kinds of materials out of his own pocket and came back to experiment. Finally, the injection and cooling time should be long. A domestic protective film was used to replace the imported material, which saved a lot of money for this product, which only collected the elongation between the two markings on the sample. There are many examples of innovation through practice, such as PU Wen. The corporate culture of full staff innovation is taking shape in Fuyao

during the interview with Fuyao, the company's technicians introduced a brand-new glass under development - dimmable glass with great interest. "The dimming glass we are developing can be completely transparent to blackout through the remote control, adjust the transparency of the glass, increase the privacy in the car, and truly reflect the requirements of intelligent automotive glass."

"at present, Fuyao has applied for 164 Chinese patents, and 109 are authorized to use." Caodewang proudly told Fuyao that the patent implementation rate of Fuyao's intellectual property intensive product, Fuyao Automotive glass, had reached 100%, and the proportion of sales of patented products had increased to 82% at present. These products, which are transformed and implemented by the patentee itself, have complete protection functions such as overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, abnormal stop, DSP fault, CPU fault, etc., and have achieved good economic and social benefits. They have been unanimously praised by automobile manufacturers and customers, have a high market share, and have a very broad market prospect

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