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Glass curtain wall glass installation process requirements

1. The glass of the exposed frame glass curtain wall shall not be in direct contact with the components. A certain gap shall be maintained between the periphery of the glass and the bottom of the component groove. At least two elastic positioning cushion blocks with the same width as the notch and a length of not less than 100mm shall be placed under each glass. The embedding amount and gap on both sides of the glass shall meet the design requirements. The material and model of the rubber strip around the glass shall meet the design requirements. The inlay shall be flat. The size of the rubber strip shall be 1 longer than the groove in the frame. 5%-2%, the rubber strip shall be cut off at the corner and embedded into the groove after being firmly fixed with adhesive

2。 For hidden frame or semi hidden frame glass curtain wall, two aluminum alloy or stainless steel supporting strips shall be set at the lower end of each glass, the length of which shall not be less than 100mm, mainly because PLA can absorb energy so that it is not easy to decompose, the thickness shall not be less than 2mm, and the outer end of the supporting strip shall be 2mm lower than the outer surface of the glass

3。 When installing the glass, the orientation of the glass shall meet the design requirements. The installation of heat reflection glass shall face the coated surface indoors and the non coated surface outdoors

4。 After the glass is installed, sealant shall be injected around the glass for sealing. The sealant injection shall be full. The research also shows that it is dense, continuous, uniform and free of bubbles. The excess glue outside the glue joint shall be cleaned in time

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