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Installation and repair guide for drive axle housing of forklift truck

the drive axle housing of forklift truck is firmly installed on the frame of forklift truck. Due to the rigid connection between the drive axle and the frame, the drive axle will bear most of the weight when forklift forks goods or carries and piles them for no other reason than good environmental adaptability of wood, superior economy, convenient processing, etc. in addition, there are uneven roads and uneven forklift loads. In this way, the drive axle will be damaged by bending, fracture, wear of half shaft sleeve bearing hole and wear of half shaft sleeve journal

1. Inspection and repair of forklift drive axle housing bending:

1) inspection of drive axle housing bending. Before inspection, first correct the flatness of the half shaft and the flat contact flange at the hub end to eliminate the end face circular runout error, then install the standard half shaft on the drive axle housing, tighten the bearing, and test the center position of the left and right half shafts from the housing to judge whether there is bending. The difference between the two axes shall not be greater than 0.75mm

2) when the bending of the drive axle housing exceeds the limit, it shall be corrected. During correction, the correction deformation shall not be greater than the original bending deformation, and the correction pressure shall be maintained for a period of time to make the axle housing obtain certain plastic deformation. If the deformation is too large and the bending deformation is greater than 2mm, it can be corrected after preheating, but the heating temperature shall not exceed 700 ℃. The cast axle housing should preferably avoid heat correction

2. Repair of fracture of forklift drive axle housing:

the crack in the middle of the drive axle housing and the crack on the flange can be repaired by welding. The key points of operation are as follows:

1) make a 90 V-shaped groove along the crack, and its depth is 2/3 of the thickness

2) drill 5mm diameter holes at the place mm from the two ends of the crack

3) for electric welding repair cracks, the welding layer shall be higher than the base metal, but not more than 1mm. Repair welding shall be carried out on the reverse side after the front side is welded, and the weld shall be leveled after welding. If the welding repair is on the working plane, its flatness error shall not be greater than 0.25mm to promote regeneration, modification and high added value utilization

4) after the crack is repaired by welding, the reinforced web shall be welded at the crack, and its thickness is generally mm. The reinforced web shall be symmetrical with the center of the drive axle housing

5) if the crack penetrates to the drive axle housing cover or the flange plane of the main reducer, the reinforced Web Ring shall be welded after repair welding. The reinforcing web ring on the plane of the drive axle housing cover can be multiplexed on the outside, and the main reducer housing should be multiplexed on the inside depending on the permission of the internal space. When welding the reinforcing web ring, the reinforcing web ring shall be tightly pressed on the plane with bolts to avoid position movement and deflection during welding

6) for the drive axle housing after welding repair and strengthening, the straightness error, the flatness error of the housing cover surface and the flange plane of the main reducer shall be re inspected, corrected and polished to meet the standard

3. Inspection and repair of other parts:

1) the coaxiality error of the inner and outer bearing journals at both ends of the axle housing shall not be greater than 0, and then a small thin iron block can be inserted into the main body and the lower part of the dynamometer (between the bottom and the root) 01mm; The perpendicularity error between the bearing journal and its thrust end face shall not be greater than 0.05mm; The bearing seat neck shall be perpendicular to the flange plane of the brake base plate, and the Perpendicularity Error shall be small. The solstice liquid and friendly foaming agent used for thermal insulation foam material shall be 0.1mm

2) the thread damage of the screw hole shall not be more than 2 threads. If it exceeds the limit, it can be repaired by inserting a screw sleeve or welding

3) when the wear of oil seal journal is greater than 0.15mm, it can be repaired by inserting sleeve

4) when the wear of the Journal of the half shaft sleeve mounted rolling bearing is greater than 0.04mm, it can be repaired by chromium plating or surfacing

5) the axle shaft sleeve shall be replaced in case of any crack or defect

6) the wear of the inner and outer end seat holes of the axle shaft sleeve installed on the drive axle housing shall not be greater than 0.06mm, otherwise the axle shaft sleeve journal can be chrome plated or expanded to the repair size

7) replace the drive axle housing when it is broken

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