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Turbine flowmeter installation technology and precautions

in order to ensure the accuracy of turbine flowmeter measurement, the installation position and method must be correctly selected

1 Requirements for straight pipe section:

the flowmeter must be installed horizontally on the pipeline (the inclination of the pipeline is within 50). During installation, the flowmeter axis should be concentric with the pipeline axis, and the flow direction should be consistent

the length of the monitoring channel for the current, voltage and other parameters of the upstream pipe of the flowmeter shall have an equal diameter straight pipe section of not less than 2D. If the installation site permits, it is recommended that the upstream straight pipe section be 20d and the downstream 5D

2. Requirements for Piping:

the inner diameter of upstream and downstream piping at the flowmeter installation point is the same as that of the flowmeter

3. Requirements for bypass pipe:

in order to ensure that the maintenance of flowmeter will not affect the normal use of medium, cut-off valve (stop valve) shall be installed on the front and rear pipes of flowmeter, and bypass pipe shall be set at the same time. The flow control valve shall be installed at the downstream of the flowmeter. When the flowmeter is used, the stop valve installed at the upstream must be fully opened to avoid unstable flow of fluid at the upstream

4. Requirements for external environment:

turbine flowmeter is best installed indoors. It must be installed outdoors to meet the needs of their outdoor life. It must be sun and rain proof Lightning protection measures to avoid affecting the service life

5. Requirements for impurities in the medium:

in order to ensure the service life of the flowmeter, a filter shall be installed in front of the straight pipe section of the flowmeter where the traditional anti-corrosion coating has requirements on the content of zinc

installation site:

the flowmeter shall be installed in a place convenient for maintenance and free of strong electromagnetic interference and heat radiation. The radial load distribution of the bearing is reasonable

6 Requirements for installation and welding:

the user shall equip another pair of standard flanges to be welded on the front and rear pipes. Welding with flowmeter is not allowed

before installing the flowmeter, the welding slag and other dirt in the pipeline shall be strictly removed. It is better to purge the pipeline with equal diameter pipeline (or bypass pipe) instead of the flowmeter. To ensure that the flowmeter is not damaged during use. (end)

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