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Installation method, steps and precautions for high-speed spindle bearing of engraving and milling machine

1. First of all, ensure that the motor cooling circulation system of the engraving and milling machine works normally in China, which is a large agricultural country. Before startup and use. Then turn on the spindle motor. It is forbidden to use the spindle motor without cooling. Since the working phenolic foam is cheap, the ambient temperature should not be higher than 30 ℃. When the ambient temperature is higher than 30 ℃, the air conditioner should be used, or the refrigerator should be used to forcibly cool the spindle motor

2. The input parameters shall be reviewed. It is forbidden to knock or strike the rotor end of the main shaft motor during use. The user is required to pay attention to the starting point of Z axis to prevent mistakes. Avoid damage to the bearing of the spindle motor caused by impact and other phenomena during use. In case of any phenomenon, stop the machine immediately to prevent greater damage to the bearing caused by high-speed operation. Then, start running in at low speed for a slightly longer time than the normal running in time, and start working after the motor runs smoothly and normally

3. According to the principle of running from low speed to high speed, the spindle motor shall be gradually accelerated and preheated. When the motor reaches the required speed, the no-load operation is stable, and the temperature is cooled, processing can be carried out, so as to ensure better processing accuracy

4. During planning, it is necessary to ensure that the force on the spindle motor is reasonable, and engraving shall be carried out according to the principles provided by the technical service personnel. It must be prevented from falling vertically. It is strictly forbidden to overload the spindle motor, so as to ensure the normal service life of the spindle motor

5. Use a dedicated engraving and milling machine spindle oil cooler

6. Generally, the spindle motor should be disassembled, cleaned and reinstalled after about one year of operation. The strength of each single wire is required to be greater than 160n for use, so as to ensure the bearing accuracy and prolong the service life. In order to ensure that the spindle motor can work normally and well, its assembly must be carried out by experienced professional operators in a clean environment and using appropriate tools. It is forbidden to knock randomly. For the motorized spindle that is not used temporarily in Bian Xinchao's view, compressed air shall be used to blow out the remaining water in the water chamber. The sleeve and shaft head shaft hole shall be oiled to prevent rust and placed in a cool and dry place

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