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Installation technology and requirements for unit suspended glass curtain wall

1. Project overview

Xinjinqiao building is located at No. 17, Xinjinqiao Road, Jinqiao Export Processing Zone, Pudong, Shanghai. It is a landmark building in the processing zone. The main building has 40 floors and the total height is 214. 5m, the inner cylinder is of concrete structure, the outer frame is of steel structure, the floors between the main floors are of medium shape cylinder, the floors above the 23rd floor are of meter shape (i.e. the combination of cube and shuttle cone) with eight shuttle inclined cone, and the quadrangle columns are 9 from the 23rd floor. An angle of 8 degrees extends obliquely to 214. 5m high, converging into a spire_ The exterior wall of the building is decorated with a gem blue unit suspended glass curtain wall, with a total area of 24200 square meters. However, with the increasingly strict requirements for the paper industry, the unit suspended glass curtain wall is the latest system developed in the world, especially suitable for high-rise buildings. It has also been used in China in recent years

2. Structural characteristics of unit suspended glass curtain wall

2. 1. The unit suspended glass curtain wall system, also known as the fish scale suspended curtain wall system, is composed of various curtain wall units, just like the fish scale superposition

2。 2. Curtain wall units are assembled and formed in professional processing plants and installed on site to form curtain walls. During installation, each unit is fixedly connected to the support foundation at one point, and the periphery of the unit is spliced in the form of overlap and plug-in. The top and bottom are buckled and the head and tail are held together to ensure the stability of the curtain wall unit under various conditions

2。 3. The composition of the standard unit is shown in Figure 1 (omitted)

2。 4. See Figure 2 (omitted) for the structure of standard bearing and anchor

3. Installation method of unit suspended glass curtain wall

3. 1. Survey control and support installation

(1) the project adopts theodolite to control according to the lateral measurement scheme of three-dimensional control, plane adjustment and building outside control. According to the structural characteristics of the main building and the construction error of the outer edge of the building, 23 floors are selected as the base floor, 5 floors and 36 floors are selected as the sub base floor to establish the survey elevation and install the corner support

(2) the corner brackets of other floors shall be installed based on the corner brackets of the base floor and the sub base floor, and the plane brackets shall be installed based on the corner brackets of the same floor

(3) take the corner bracket as the benchmark, conduct cross inspection and make plane adjustment. During the installation of curtain wall units, measurement, control and adjustment outside the building shall be carried out at the same time. The measurement and adjustment shall be carried out at fixed points, at fixed times and in a fixed environment

3。 2. Installation of facade curtain wall unit

(1) 2T running electric hoist is used to lift and install the curtain wall unit, but the company personnel introduce that the track is fixed on the curtain wall support foundation of the corresponding upper floor

(2) during installation, the operation and construction of curtain wall unit shall be carried out from bottom to top in the building level by level, counterclockwise

(3) during installation, try to ensure that the perimeter of the curtain wall unit on the same plane is closed, otherwise protective measures shall be taken

3。 3. Installation of high-rise inclined curtain wall unit

(1) the floors above the 23rd floor of the project are eight shuttle inclined cone normal body. The oil leakage of the oil system is usually the buffer valve, and the installation of the inclined curtain wall unit is one of the difficulties in the curtain wall installation of the project

(2) 2T running electric hoist shall be used, which shall be set on the 30th floor first. The track (including inclined plane) is laid on the 36 layer support foundation to form a circular closure

(3) when installing the inclined curtain wall unit, skillfully use the running electric hoist sling "swing angle" 9. 8 degrees. During angle swing operation, the electric hoist shall be hung with safety protection measures such as sliding rope and safety rope. The corner of the inclined curtain wall unit that needs to be installed outside shall be installed with a safety cage

4. Installation partition and labor organization

4. 1. Divide the middle axis of the floor into two operation areas, and organize two installation teams to install curtain wall units in a step shape. A feeding platform is set at the high step for the supply of curtain wall units, and a discharging platform is set at the low step for the cleaning of sundries after installation, so as to ensure that the perimeter of curtain wall units is closed in time. A professional team is set up for the feeding and discharging work

4。 2. The material inlet and outlet platform is turned from bottom to top to make the objects flow from high to low. The curtain wall unit is installed from bottom to top, and the flow operation is repeated until the installation of the whole glass curtain wall is completed, which is referred to as the flow construction method of "leakage to reach the ideal matching accuracy bucket"

4。 3. With the "funnel" flow construction method, the installation of each curtain wall unit takes only 1D, which improves the work efficiency by nearly 10 times, surpassing the foreign installation level

5. Installation quality requirements and preventive measures

5. 1 installation quality requirements (Table 1 and 2) (omitted)

5. 2 quality problems and preventive measures

(1) the levelness deviation of curtain wall unit is obvious, which is mainly caused by the processing and field installation of curtain wall unit. Therefore, during field installation, in addition to strictly controlling the installation quality, the deviation of curtain wall units of the same model shall be selected to make the positive and negative deviations offset as much as possible_

(2) the corner line of curtain wall corner plate unit is severely bent up to 8mm, which is caused by the large bending of raw materials during manufacturing and the unreasonable transportation and binding of corner plates_ Therefore, before manufacturing in the factory, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection of raw materials, calibrate the angle plate, and take reasonable support, binding and fixation during transportation

(3) there is dirt in the silicone sealing area, the rubber surface is uneven and smooth, and the viscosity is not firm. Therefore, during construction, it is necessary to master the correct method of laying silica gel, select the corresponding scraping tools, and do a good job in cleaning the silica gel area to ensure that the silica gel is firmly bonded to glass and aluminum

(4) finished and semi-finished products shall be well protected during installation. The on-site quality inspectors shall track and inspect each process according to the key points of construction operation and quality acceptance standards, and timely correct the defects, so as to ensure that the installation quality of high-rise and large-area unit suspended glass curtain wall of Shanghai Xinjinqiao building is excellent

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