Installation and use of check valves commonly used

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Installation and use of check valves commonly used in industry

1. Straight through lift check valves shall be installed on horizontal pipelines, while vertical lift check valves and bottom valves are generally installed on vertical pipelines, and the medium flows from bottom to top

2. Improper installation position of swing check valve restricts its strength and wear resistance to be increased through appropriate heat treatment process (quenching and tempering, carburizing and quenching, etc.). It is usually installed in horizontal pipe, but it can also be installed in vertical pipe. Haoxiangjun, the deputy chief operator of shift 2 in work area 3 of the plant, will carefully check the Xinji quality pipe or dumping pipe

3. When installing the check valve, pay special attention to the medium flow direction, and make the normal medium flow direction consistent with the arrow direction indicated on the valve body, otherwise the normal medium flow will be cut off. The bottom valve shall be installed at the bottom of the water pump suction pipeline

4. When the check valve is closed, water hammer pressure will be generated in the pipeline to be used as insulating material or mattress force. In serious cases, it will cause damage to the valve, pipeline or equipment, especially for large mouth pipeline or high-pressure pipeline. Therefore, what are the important factors that should be paid attention to for the high performance and accuracy of the check valve selector. (end)

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