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Most consumers do not know which plates need to be used for decoration, where to use what plates, and what kind of plates are environmentally friendly

the "de Stocking" actively advocated by the government has achieved remarkable results, the real estate inventory has continued to decline and bottomed out, and the real estate sales in the second and third tier cities have rebounded. The recovery of the real estate market has driven a large number of decoration demand. Plate is an indispensable material for every family in the decoration process, and the demand is also increasing

however, most consumers do not know which plates need to be used for decoration, where to use what plates, and what kind of plates are environmentally friendly

experts from baidibao, one of China's top ten plate brands: to put it bluntly, the key to environmental protection of plates is glue

remember particleboard? As the name suggests, it is to break the raw materials into particles, namely shavings, and then add adhesives to make shaving board. Many people think that particleboard has more glue, while big core board and finger board have less glue, so particleboard is not good. In fact, industry experts agree that the environmental protection grade of board products is directly linked to the quality of glue

analysis of plate structure: the definition of aldehyde free plate in the current market is "formaldehyde free added plate". Strictly speaking, it means that no formaldehyde containing ingredients are added in the production process of artificial plate, including but not limited to adhesives, concealers and other substances used in plate production. The fundamental difference between traditional board and aldehyde free board lies not only in the addition of aldehyde free ingredients in the production process, but also in adhesives

the traditional urea formaldehyde adhesive is used as the adhesive of aldehyde containing plates. Urea formaldehyde adhesive contains a large amount of formaldehyde, which will cause harm to human body after release. In the early years, the traditional "trialdehyde adhesive" was used in the production of plates on the market, which was low in technology and low in price, and seriously harmed people's health. At present, regular manufacturers basically abandoned this kind of adhesive. Aldehyde free board mainly adopts aldehyde free glue, including aldehyde free vegetable protein glue (vegetable soybean glue), isocyanate glue (MDI glue), etc., to ensure environmental protection from the "glue" problem

at present, carb-naf regulation is one of the strictest and most widely used standards for formaldehyde emission of composite wood products. Through NaF grade board, its formaldehyde emission is less than or equal to that of solid wood

we analyze the solid wood particle board with the highest utilization rate in the market:

from the perspective of environmental protection: the environmental protection grade of solid wood particle board is lower than that of solid wood multilayer board and solid wood ecological board, and there is no environmental protection grade of solid wood. The environmental protection grade is based on the release of formaldehyde and other harmful substances. The quality of glue is very important

use angle: the service life of particle board is the shortest. Try not to use it as load-bearing furniture. Solid wood furniture is undoubtedly the best. If it is properly maintained in the process of use

economic perspective: solid wood particle board has the highest cost performance, but it is better to choose multilayer board, ecological board or solid wood when the budget can support it

the expert message of baidibao, one of the top ten brands of Chinese board: it is worth mentioning that formaldehyde free board is allowed to contain trace formaldehyde in the raw material itself in the production process. Therefore, formaldehyde free board does not mean that it does not contain formaldehyde

while choosing plates or customizing, consumers can also learn about the production situation of enterprises through other methods, such as whether they focus on the production of formaldehyde free added plates, and whether there are enough convincing authoritative test reports. These are powerful evidence that can measure whether plates are environmentally friendly


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