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In recent years, the development of kitchen electrical industry has become more and more standardized, the threshold has been rising, and the market trend of survival of the fittest has also been upgrading. Therefore, today's kitchen electrical industry has more market space. How to quickly form a watershed between the brand and the brand before, and establish a dual brand reputation to obtain sufficient market profit space is the direction that every kitchen appliance brand needs to think about. Cohen kitchen appliances has worked in the national market for more than 9 years, accumulated rich industry experience, and built a perfect terminal and channel distribution network. In the past two years, with the rapid development of Cohen appliances, a large number of dealers have keenly captured the golden opportunity of the brand, and have taken action to join Cohen in dancing with the market

today's market has changed greatly in terms of marketing, terminal and customer development. In the dimension of change, Cohen kitchen appliances has given strong help to the dealers' families across the country. In the past, the operation of the market basically depended on the dealers to operate alone. With the changes of the market, Cohen clearly realized that the marketing method of fighting alone could not drive the development of the region. Therefore, Cohen appliance not only adopted the "going out" method, and the business education team visited the dealers' stores to provide practical assistance, but also "brought in" regularly held training activities such as the "Torch Plan" at Cohen headquarters, and invited dealers from all over the world to return to the headquarters for on-site investigation, The purpose of personal experience is to better help dealers master methods to improve sales, and use all forces in one place, so as to quickly open up the market situation and raise brand awareness to a higher level. Under such a training meeting, dealers are enthusiastic, like breaking bamboo, ready to explode

recently, the headquarters of Zhejiang Cohen electric appliance welcomed many new and old customers from Zhejiang, Hunan, Hubei, Guizhou, Sichuan, Guangxi, Shandong and other regions to visit and study, and had a close experience of the production technology and strict quality control procedures of Cohen's full range of kitchen electrical products. Experienced Cohen's strong corporate culture and strong development strength. In order to enable dealers to further understand the advantages and R & D capabilities of Cohen products, the marketing staff led a group of people to visit the company's production workshop, so that customers have a detailed understanding of the products from the overall production line to the technical process. A series of production equipment that have reached the international advanced level, such as heavy-duty hydraulic press, high-precision automatic punch imported from Japan, intelligent CNC bending machine, The imported fast radium laser cutting machine made the visitors marvel

under the current situation that terminals are king and experience wins today, it is necessary to do a good job of mode innovation on the basis of intensive cultivation and deepen and thoroughly develop channels, which is the work direction that every Cohen person should maintain. Only in this way can they dance with the passion of the market. In the future, Cohen appliance welcomes more dealers' families to visit Cohen headquarters, learn from the enterprise, grow together, keep pace with the rapid development of the market, and remain invincible in the fierce competition




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